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    Kylie Jenner Did A Makeup Tutorial On Snapchat And People Had Very Mixed Reactions

    *Takes notes*

    So yesterday, Kylie Jenner dropped a tutorial on Snapchat of her everyday makeup routine.

    Naturally, people made sure to screenshot the hell out of it.

    *Watches Kylie do her makeup on snapchat* *takes 50 screenshots*

    when Kylie makes a snapchat about makeup

    And it gave a lot of people a lot life.

    Watching Kylie do her makeup on snapchat was the most religiously and productive thing I've done in a long time. What a spiritual journey.

    Kylie just snapped her everyday makeup. My life is complete πŸ™‚

    Products she used ranged from Makeup Forever to Urban Decay, Becca Cosmetics, and, unsurprisingly, her own lip kit.

    Snapchat: kylizzlemynizzl / Via Twitter: @katcake_

    So anyone who used the same products was pretty pleased.

    Hype to see I basically use all the same makeup as Kylie Jenner lmao

    I found out today Kylie Jenner and I use the exact same makeup on our faces and eyebrows so I'm clearly doing the best I can

    Some people weren't really feeling the tutorial at all.

    Kylie Jenner's makeup tutorial on snap was crap ngl.

    Or the technique.

    did anyone else watch Kylie Jenners "makeup routine" on snapchat πŸ˜‘ ily girl but blend your eyeshadow & blend your blush

    Although one takeaway from it was that the tutorial being on Snapchat did make it more relatable.

    Normal skin. It's weirdly refreshing because they're always painted so perfect that you start to believe it πŸ€”

    But either way, Kylie is still a makeup queen.

    Kylie App / Via
    1. Did you see the tutorial, and what did you think of it?

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    Did you see the tutorial, and what did you think of it?
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      It was amazing and gave me so much life.
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      It was actually crap.
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      I didn't see this tutorial and have no interest in ever doing so.

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