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    18 Hilarious Jokes That Will Speak To Every Petty Person's Soul

    :is still violently bitter about something that happened seven months ago:

    1. This real struggle.

    2. This secret pettiness.

    3. These highly legitimate reasons.

    4. This subtle revenge.

    5. This embarrassing misunderstanding.

    6. These opposing sides.

    7. These consequences.

    being reckless and petty and then being surprised when there are consequences

    8. This thrill.

    9. This self-restraint.

    10. And this lack of it.

    11. This gleeful moment.

    12. This internal conflict.

    13. These petty goals.

    Joe Biden is the level of petty I aspire to be

    14. This perfect response.

    15. This perfect turning of the tables.

    16. This wonderful moment.

    17. These future petty plans.

    18. And this alternative to forgiveness.