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    Updated on May 17, 2019. Posted on Sep 11, 2016

    18 Jokes That Will Make Students Laugh Way Harder Than They Should

    "I do homework the way guys fall in love with me... slowly, then not at all."

    1. This utterly unacceptable behaviour:

    2. This amazing achievement:

    3. This terrible regret:

    4. This important exam technique:

    5. This amazing start that never lasts:

    6. This unrealistic academic expectation:

    7. This noticeable contrast:

    8. This essay struggle everyone experiences:

    9. This moment in the year where you decide you're 100% done.

    10. This flawless logic:

    11. This really fucking annoying situation:

    12. These comforting words:

    13. And this summary of doing homework:

    14. This method to get through lessons:

    15. This transformation:

    16. This perfect response:

    17. This result of rushing your work:

    18. And finally, this horrible realisation.

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