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    16 Insanely Useful Products For People Who Have To Commute

    Commuting doesn't have to be all bad.

    1. This cute and affordable backpack that has tons of useful compartments and comes in a variety of colours.

    2. A leakproof travel mug that will keep your tea or coffee hot for up to five hours.

    3. This compact power bank that will save you on those occasions you forget to charge your phone overnight.

    4. This sturdy umbrella designed to not turn inside-out on gusty days.

    5. Avoid nosy people looking over your shoulder on the train with this two-pack of anti-spy privacy screen protectors.

    6. Relive the youthful joy of playing your Game Boy on long journeys with a Nintendo Switch.

    7. Make your car smell of sweet, sweet nothing and help prevent moisture buildup with this car freshener and dehumidifier.

    8. This heated seat cover will make those long cold journeys more bearable.

    9. These stackable lunch boxes have a watertight seal so that even your soups should be safe and secure on your journey to work.

    10. If your hair is a mess by the time you get to work, consider this wooden anti-static comb.

    11. This headphone organiser will mean you no longer have to to untangle them when on a packed carriage.

    12. This stick-on card holder for your phone will allow you to easily access your tickets and travel cards.

    13. If you're not into wired headphones, try these wireless noise-cancelling ones for next time the person next to you is having a very loud argument on the train.

    14. When you want to travel light, try this laptop sleeve that doubles up as a briefcase.

    15. If you cycle to work and are in need of an action cam, this 5-star rated camera comes with a multifunctional mounting kit so you an attach it to your bike, helmet, or wrist.

    16. And obviously we had to mention the Kindle, because you might be tired of carrying around that hardback (which you have been "planning to read" for weeks now)!