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    18 Slightly Shitty Moments Everyone Under 5'3" Has Experienced At Some Point

    Being at eye level with everyone's armpits when you go on public transport.

    1. When you pull the sun visor down to shield your eyes but you're too short for it to work.

    2. When a relative who's quite a bit younger than you finally becomes taller than you.


    Having to look up to speak to your 12-year-old cousin when you're in your twenties is not a good feeling.

    3. When someone has moved something you want onto a high shelf.

    4. Or when you can almost reach something but it's right at the back.

    5. When you get strange looks in public for your unconventional way of reaching things.

    When you can't reach something in the store #cheerleaderprobz

    6. When someone tries to rest their elbow on your head.


    7. When you need to buy new jeans.

    8. And when you see a nice item of clothing you must have but it's not available in petite.


    9. When you're standing on public transport and you are at face level with everyone's armpits.


    10. And when it's packed but you can't reach the overhead handles, so you just have to hope you don't fall over when the bus moves abruptly.


    11. When you have to basically do a long jump every time you want to get off a train and onto the platform.

    Thinkstock / Jasmin Nahar / BuzzFeed

    12. When you've just found a good spot to view a concert but someone walks in front of you.

    New Line Cinema

    13. When you go to the gym but using some of the equipment is a struggle.

    14. When you're sitting on a chair and have to decide whether you should rest your back against the chair or rest your feet on the floor because you can't do both.

    15. When you try to take a selfie in a bathroom mirror but it's positioned just a little too high.

    I'm just a little bit too short for the mirror in the bathroom

    16. When someone mistakes you for a child because of your height, and talks to you accordingly.


    "Wow, you did this shopping by yourself?" "I AM 23 YEARS OLD."

    17. When you go swimming and have to go to the bit for children if you want to stand comfortably.

    18. And when someone you consider to be quite tall complains about being short.


    You don't know my life, my struggles, my woes.

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