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    21 Very Important Firsts Every Dog Owner Has Experienced

    Coming up with a nickname for them that's totally unrelated to their name.

    1. Playing fetch for the first time and trying to get them to give you the ball back.

    2. Finding a song that you can change the lyrics of so it's about them.

    Onetouchspark / Getty Images / Jasmin Nahar / BuzzFeed

    3. Having them fall asleep on you and then being unable to move.

    This dog is so spoiled. She fell asleep on me while taking selfies 😂

    4. Successfully teaching them to sit or give paw.

    5. Involving them in Christmas in some way, shape, or form.

    6. Warming your hands with their armpits.

    7. Watching with amusement as they actually catch their tail.

    8. Coming up with a ridiculous nickname that bears no similarities to their actual name.

    Getty Images / Jasmin Nahar

    9. Feeling like the worst person in the entire world when you leave them alone for the first time.

    Twitter: @wontlietoyou

    Even though it's only for 15 minutes.

    10. Cuddling them and realising it comes at a cost.

    11. Letting them off the lead for the first time and watching them go apeshit.

    12. Explaining to them that your shoes aren't chew toys.

    13. Trying to work out whether they want to go outside or not.

    14. Uttering the words "what are you eating?".

    15. Staring at your dog intently and wondering about what goes on inside their mind.

    16. Taking off their collar and exclaiming "you're naked!"

    17. Sitting through their first fireworks night with them and making sure they're okay.

    he's scared of the fireworks so my mom put on some dog videos for him ❤️

    18. Getting drenched after washing them because they decided to do this near you.

    19. Watching them experience snow for the first time.

    20. Giving them their first photoshoot.

    21. And accepting that every meal you eat will be accompanied by your dog staring at you like this.

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