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    If These 18 Food Pictures Don't Make You Angry, Nothing Will

    You might lose your appetite.

    1. This latte art nestled in an avocado.

    2. This ~artsy~ sushi.

    3. This very sad salad.

    4. And this equally underwhelming one.

    5. This vegetable bouquet.

    6. This expensive "bone broth", i.e. stock.

    7. This kale soda.

    8. This seemingly fine meal, served in an axe.

    9. This sweet and savoury mashup nobody asked for.

    10. This water with some asparagus in it.

    11. And this rosemary version.

    12. These unappealing sausages.

    13. This underwhelming breakfast layout.

    14. This butter, served on a pebble.

    15. And this salad served on a giant rock.

    16. This very confusing meal.

    17. This washing line of ham.

    18. And finally, everything about this monstrosity.