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    21 Times "Bend It Like Beckham" Was Absolutely Iconic

    "She's not Lebanese, she's Punjabi!"

    1. When it gifted us with this incredible line from Polly while she's fitting Jess for a sari.

    2. And all the auntie-ji in this film are just iconic.

    3. Seriously, they deliver one of the best moments of the film.

    4. When it poked fun at the ignorant BS British Asians have to deal with sometimes.

    5. Most of it courtesy of Jules' mum, Paula.

    6. But it also deals with it seriously, like when Jess's dad talks about the racism he faced when he tried to join cricket teams in England.

    7. Which is why the scene where Jess's dad and Joe play cricket together is just so lovely.

    8. And it showed that racism could affect second-generation kids.

    9. When it brought up the rarely talked about subject of being gay and South Asian.

    10. When Jess gets accused of kissing a boy at the bus stop and her sister says this. In front of their parents.

    11. And their reaction faces are everything.

    12. When Jess shuts the whole argument down pretty quickly.

    13. And her parents are completely stumped by what to say back.

    14. It was pretty self-deprecating about the expectations sometimes put on daughters.

    15. And about Indian weddings.

    16. The wedding scenes had little touches that were so damn accurate. Like this.

    17. And Jess's face in this scene.

    18. When Jess's dad lets her go to play her football match just to make her happy.

    19. When Jess finally opens up to her family about what she wants: to go to university in America and have the chance to play football.

    20. And when her dad gave this speech before giving Jess his blessing to go.

    21. And when after that really touching moment, Jess's mum was still Jess's mum.