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21 Times "Bend It Like Beckham" Was Absolutely Iconic

"She's not Lebanese, she's Punjabi!"

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6. But it also deals with it seriously, like when Jess' dad talks about the racism he faced when he tried to join cricket teams in England.


9. When it brought up the rarely-talked-about subject of being homosexual and South Asian.

Redbus Film Distribution / Fox Searchlight Pictures

This was a huge moment in the movie, and the fact that Jess and Tony can confide in each other about everything and are always supportive is just the best.


19. When Jess finally opens up to her family about what she wants; to go to university in America and have the chance to play football.

Redbus Film Distribution / Fox Searchlight Pictures

It was so great to see her be honest with her family so she wouldn't have to sneak around anymore.

20. And when her dad gave this speech before giving Jess his blessing to go.

Redbus Film Distribution / Fox Searchlight Pictures

Showing that despite the rules and expectations surrounding Jess, ultimately her parents just wanted her to be happy.


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