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    18 Struggles That Are Way Too Real For People Who Cry Easily

    Going to the cinema can be really, really stressful.

    1. When someone is flippant with you, and you can feel your eyes stinging but you don't want them to know they've hurt you.


    2. When you think you're just going to cry a little but before you know it, waterfalls start flowing from your eyes.


    3. When you see something really lovely and have to try to hold yourself together.

    4. And you're worried that the people around you will mistake your happy tears for sad ones.


    5. When you're watching a movie with someone relatively new and you keep panicking that something is going to set off your tears.


    6. Or an ~emotional~ song comes on shuffle when you're out.


    7. When someone asks why you're crying and the answer is actually a little embarrassing.


    8. And when you blurt out why you're upset and people don't really get it.


    9. Or you don't actually know why you're crying at all, so nobody knows how to comfort you.

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    10. When you want to appear like you're keeping your cool in a confrontation, but you can feel your eyes starting to well up.


    11. Or when you want to show you're annoyed but you end up crying before you can properly make your argument.

    12. If you wear makeup, you have to buy waterproof mascara because otherwise this could happen at any moment.


    13. When someone you care about is crying, and you want to stay calm for them but their crying is making you cry.


    14. When you feel your tears starting at work and you know it's not the time or place.


    Why did someone send you a video of a puppies swimming in a pool? And why did you think it would be a good idea to watch it at work?

    15. Or on public transport, when you've got a long journey ahead of you and are trying to be low-key about your crying.

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    16. When people seem incredulous and downright rude about the fact you're crying over something quite small.

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    You find crying in public a bit embarrassing sometimes anyway, without this added stress.

    17. Or worse, they accuse of you of faking your tears.


    Because I, as a grown adult, actively want to cry in front of everyone and can do it on command.

    18. And all of these are a million times worse when your crying face is really, really dramatic.

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