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18 Pictures Everyone Who Loves Spilling The Tea Will Understand

"When someone spills the tea and you have to act like you don't already know".

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4. And when you're holding out for some A-grade gossip but you're left disappointed.

when your friend finally spills the tea but it's not good


5. Although sometimes you're impressed with the high-quality tea your mates spill.

7. When you act naive, often in the hopes of getting more tea.

#GrowingUpShady When someone spills the tea and you have to pretend that you don't already know


10. When your music is on mute so you can overhear all the important details of the tea.

#GrowingUpShady pausing your music but keeping your earphones in so you could get that freshly brewed yunnan tea like

12. Although sometimes when you eavesdrop, it's not what you want to hear.


14. When you've promised to change your ways but it just reels you back in.

me: i stay minding my business, i'm never worried about other people *hears someone spilling tea* me:

17. When the situation has taken a dramatic turn and you need to find some new information to spill.

When you ready to spill some tea but the situation has progressed past the tea's usefulness