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19 Tumblr Posts About "The Sims" Guaranteed To Make You Laugh

*applies for architecture job* Experience: building houses on The Sims since 2001.

1. This realisation everyone who's played the game has had.

2. This unlikely sentient being.

3. This important skill set The Sims teaches you.

4. This perfect picture:

5. This feeling of disappointment.

6. This incredible aspiration.

7. This awful date scenario.

8. This important distinction between the game and real life.

9. This excellent social interaction.

10. This unachievable aesthetic.

11. This guide on how to play the game.

12. This serious step-up in gameplay.

13. This wish we've all had.

14. This comparison.

15. This sad but true fact.

16. This poignant tale of isolation.

17. And this tragic betrayal.

18. This thing that we all want to see.

19. And finally, this gift that was truly appreciated.