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    18 Deeply Uncomfortable Moments Everyone Who's Had A Period Has Experienced

    When everything ~moves~ in the night.

    1. When you risk not wearing something dark and come to regret it.

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    2. When you go to flush the toilet but a bit of bloody toilet paper is intent on sticking around.

    3. Literally any time you sneeze.

    4. When you go to sleep and everything has shifted in the night.

    5. When the sticky side of your pad gets stuck to you and you have to rip it off.

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    RIP your pubes.

    6. When you get out of the shower and realise you've dripped all on the floor.

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    7. When you birth a blood clot.


    8. Or even worse, when you're on the toilet and one just kind of plops out.


    9. Whenever your cramps hit.


    10. And when your jeans dig into your stomach because you're bloated, so you have to stick to whatever has a loose waistband.


    11. When you go to the toilet and either can't poo or just can't stop pooing.


    12. When you have to wipe after pooing while also dealing with a heavy flow.


    13. When you stand up after sitting down for a long time.

    14. When you experience this surprise.

    15. When you ask someone for a pad or tampon and they only have a light one that's about as useful as a napkin.

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    16. When you can smell period but don't know if anyone else can smell period and you obviously can't ask them.

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    17. When you ruin a good pair of knickers.

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    18. And when you dare to believe it's over but it's not.

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    Well, that's another nice pair of knickers ruined.

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