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21 Feel-Good Romantic Comedies To Watch When Everything Seems Terrible

Put these on when you're having a crappy day.

We recently asked members of the BuzzFeed Community to tell us which feel-good romantic comedies they think everyone should watch. Here are some of their recommendations!

1. About Time

Universal Pictures

"This movie isn’t just about romance, it’s about a family. I was adamantly against watching this movie the first time (because I hate rom-coms) but this one is so beautifully written and filmed.


2. Crazy Rich Asians

Warner Bros. Pictures

"It's such a nice rom-com and as someone living in Singapore, I can relate to the movie a lot! (Except for the parts where they really are more like crazy rich Asians than Singaporeans.)"


3. Run Fatboy Run

New Line Cinema

"Run Fatboy Run is one of the most poignant comedies out there. It's about a man who thinks he can win back the girl he left at the altar by completing a marathon. But it's not just his body that's unfit, it's his opinion of himself that's really unhealthy. The more dedicated he becomes to finishing the race, the better he becomes as a person. Also, Simon Pegg is hilarious."


4. The Decoy Bride


"The Decoy Bride is really good! I might just be in blind adoration of it because it stars David Tennant, but it's really a funny and sweet movie. Basically this actress is getting married but the locals are swarming her, so she hires a woman to pretend to be her for a fake wedding ceremony to have the real wedding in peace...but things don't go quite as planned of course."


5. When Harry Met Sally

Columbia Pictures

"It's about how complete opposites become friends after they keep bumping into each other at different stages of their lives and then end up realising that maybe they are meant to be something more. Billy Crystal and Meg Ryan have such a great chemistry and the movie is hilarious!"


6. The Big Sick

Amazon Studios / Lionsgate

"It’s funny, has a great cast and a totally original story. Love this movie!"


7. The Holiday

Universal Pictures

"I'd recommend The Holiday and The Big Sick. Both have great plots, wonderful leads, plenty of humour, and will hit you in the feels."

Gina G

8. Set it Up


"Has the right amount of comedy, romance, and a little heartbreak in the perfect balance. Might shed a few tears, who knows? I did and I sure as hell don’t regret it."


9. 13 Going on 30

Columbia Pictures

"Honestly think I’ve watched this over 50 times. Funny, with sad parts, but overall heartwarming and always leaves me smiling. Watch it now!!"


10. Flipped

Warner Bros. Pictures

"The greatest rom-com of all time is Flipped without a doubt. It’s just so lighthearted and sweet and perfectly depicts the innocence and awkwardness of a first love. Also, Bryce Loski"

. —natlozada

11. Penelope

Momentum Pictures

"Such a good movie that no-one has ever heard of somehow. It’s about a woman who was born with a pig's nose as a result of a curse on her family. Very fairytale-esque and always brightens my mood. It also started my life-long love of James McAvoy!"


12. My Big Fat Greek Wedding

IFC Films

"I love that it is a fun story of girl meets guy, guy meets girl's family, and it's just fun, laughter, and happiness. They don't have a big fight, break up, and get back together. It's just a happy romance from beginning to end."


13. The Last Holiday

Paramount Pictures

"It stars Queen Latifah who is falsely told she has two weeks left to live, so she lives out her dreams – there's a happy ending, amazing fashion and body positivity, incredible looking food, and a really healthy nice romance/happy ending with LL Cool J."


14. Definitely, Maybe

Universal Studios

"Definitely, Maybe has such an amazing cast and a really great storyline. Ryan Reynolds, Elizabeth Banks, Abigail Breslin, Isla Fisher, Rachel Weisz star, and they're all so freaking good in it too."


15. What If?

Entertainment One

"What If? is honestly so good. It's completely underrated and such a unique plot! Plus, you get to see Daniel Radcliffe outside of Hogwarts!"


16. The Proposal

Walt Disney Studios Motion Pictures

"It's hilarious and heart-warming, and it has all the right tropes; 'enemies to lovers' and 'fake relationship'!"


17. Austenland

Sony Pictures Classics

"Its based on a girl who is so obsessed with Mr. Darcy she doesn't think men like that exist in real life. It is so cheesy and so funny and so cute. It's my go to when I'm sad."


18. Love, Simon

20th Century Fox

"Apart from being a super important film in terms of LGBT representation, it was genuinely a good story and had some really hilarious moments."

– Tamara Soper via Facebook

19. Pride and Prejudice

Focus Features

"Pride and Prejudice (the 2005 version) is literally my favourite movie of all time. It's brilliantly acted with stunning cinematography and a beautiful soundtrack. It's funny but also very heartfelt. Keira Knightley and Matthew Macfadyen are SUPERB and their chemistry will have you yelling 'just kiss already' whenever they look at each other. I don't care how many hardcore fans of the BBC miniseries yell at me for loving this adaptation more. Keira is my Elizabeth and Matthew is my Darcy. I would die for this movie."

– Aniela Krajewska via Facebook

20. Julie and Julia

Columbia Pictures

"I absolutely adore the love and friendship Meryl Streep and Stanley Tucci portrayed in their characters' relationship. It's the first time I've seen a rom-com with a couple that felt real and honest."

– Samantha Hoover via Facebook

21. Man Up


“It’s sweet, authentic, unique, all the while still remaining true to rom-com classics (like a giant chase scene to win the girl at the end). It’s a sincerely underrated movie that has something for everyone!"


Note: submissions have been edited for length and/or clarity.

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