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21 Times You Were Completely Betrayed By Crisps

What a lovely bag of air.

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1. When you pay money for a glorified bag of air.

I'm sure I bought a bag of crisps and not a bag of air @walkers_crisps

2. Especially when you can count the number of crisps there on one hands.

The utter distress to open you @PomBearUK crisps and find that you have basically bought a bag of air 😭

3. And then the rest is crisp dust, the worst kind of dust.

Hey @RitzUK, half my packet of Crisp & Thins is just dust! What's up with that? These used to be my favourite :-(

4. Rummaging around to get those last bits of crisp always results in gross, dust-covered fingers.

Instagram: @chooniverse

5. Because you know if you try and tip the bag into your mouth, crisp dust will somehow get in your eye.

Warner Brothers

6. If you stand on them they'll squeeze their little potato mush selves into the crevices of your shoe soles.

7. And that potato mush settles in the crevices of your teeth, so you have to subtly do this move to get it out.


8. You can never be sure if they sound as loud to others as they do to you when you're eating them.


9. When healthy food that shouldn't be made into crisps, is nonetheless made into crisps. Like kale.

In a wild attempt to be healthy I bought Kale crisps for lunch. To those intrigued; they're DISGUSTING. Don't bother.

10. And for some unfathomable reason, beetroot.

11. When you open the packet and it's a little different to what you expected.

Don't think what I've just found in my walkers pack of crisps is edible @walkers_crisps ???

12. Dropping them in the car results in gross little crisps shards that are impossible to pick up.

13. Sometimes a little shard of crisp will just stab you in the gums and it really bloody hurts.

Warner Brothers

14. You're never sure if you should eat them in public, because the smell of them can be so damn overpowering.

Logo TV

15. Especially if they're cheese and onion.

16. And you end up having to chew a lot of gum afterwards because that smell lingers.

Disney Channel

17. When you discover a new way that people are ruining crisps. Like adding gravy.

@Miss_Salvawhore crisps and gravy... I don't break promises!:)xx

18. Or Nutella.

Lucy dunn eating crisps in nutella, #notokay

Nope nope nope.

19. Or mayonaise.

Crisps and mayo 😳 #strangegirl #saucemad

20. Coming across weird flavours because evidently normal crisps just wasn't enough.

21. Especially if they're fancy, wanky ones.

This crisp flavour thing is getting out of hand. Tasty, though.

The absolute worst.