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    23 Products To Give You And Your Home A Makeover This Spring

    New season, new you.

    1. These gorgeous mirrors look way more expensive than they actually are.

    2. Get clear, glowing skin with this surprisingly affordable Australian pink clay mask. It unclogs the pores for a deep clean, and even comes with a brush to apply it with.

    3. There's a reason that the Olaplex No.3 Hair Perfector has reached cult status – it really does work! The formula repairs damaged hair from the inside out for stronger locks that are less prone to breakage.

    4. This cheeky vase has an average rating of 4.9 stars from over 1,000 reviews!

    5. Spruce up your space the low-effort way with this pampas grass that'll last for ages.

    6. The results you'll get from this at-home lash lift kit are seriously impressive, and considering how many treatments one kit yields, it's a bargain too!

    7. Looking for an easy way to get glowing skin? Swipe one of these NIP+FAB Glycolic Fix pads over your face before bed and it'll exfoliate away the dead skin cells that can cause a dull complexion.

    8. This floating shelf and rack is so versatile! Use it in your kitchen, bathroom, or hallway to save on space and reduce clutter.

    9. Give a plain sofa some instant boho vibes by draping this woven throw over it.

    10. Customers say they've noticed a difference in puffiness after using this rose quartz roller on their skin. It also comes with a gua sha scraper that can help to boost circulation!

    11. A change in bedding is one of the quickest and easiest ways to make your room feel new, and this seersucker one is a seriously stunning option.

    12. These celestial earrings will provide the perfect finishing touch to any look. They're made of sterling silver and are hypoallergenic!

    13. Hang this crystal glass ornament in your room and it will reflect gorgeous, rainbow-hued light onto your walls when the sun hits in.

    14. As the weather warms up, this summery Superdry wrap dress is sure to get a lot of outings. It's great for outdoor dates and garden parties alike!

    15. Prep your feet for sandal season by using this grossly satisfying file that'll shave away the dry, cracked skin on your heels in no time.

    16. Say hello to a more organised kitchen by nabbing this magnetic shelf that you can attach to your fridge. It's got two shelves as well as space for things like kitchen roll or tea towels!

    17. The colourways of these boxes make them look really luxe despite being under £8 each. They're perfect for storing your bathroom cosmetics or to put knick knacks in on your bookshelf.

    18. With twenty to choose from, you'll be spoiled for choice when it comes to this hair clip set. There's pearly ones alongside jewel-toned and patterned clips depending on your mood.

    19. Make the most of your cupboard space with this corner shelf insert – no more having to lift off loads of bowls every time you just want to get a plate for your dinner!

    20. Your kitchen counters will look around 200% fancier with these storage containers on them. There's enough here for your tea, coffee, sugar, bread, and biscuits.

    21. These satin scrunchies will make your regular ponytail feel a bit more glam, and their neutral colours mean you can match them to pretty much any outfit.

    22. Now that you're going out more than you've likely done in the last year, you probably need a decent bag for those picnics and shopping trips. This backpack delivers on looks and practicality thanks to its vintage style and large capacity.

    23. Sorry, but how gorgeous is this versatile dress? Its subtle leopard print pattern works for dressing up or down.