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    21 Perfect Gifts To Get For The Twentysomething Grandma In Your Life

    From cosy personalised blankets to fancy teas, there's everything an old-at-heart person could need.

    We hope you love the products we recommend! Just so you know, BuzzFeed may collect a small share of sales from the links on this page.

    1. A knitting kit that makes a cute scarf, for the aspiring knitter.

    2. Some fluffy slipper socks, because you can never go wrong with socks.

    3. A booklight for when they want to stay up reading (but not stay up too late, obviously).

    4. An afternoon tea hamper, so they can enjoy the fanciness of afternoon tea without having to go out.

    5. And this tea selection box, because coffee is probably too intense for an evening drink.

    6. A fleecy pyjama set that's perfect for lazy days at home.

    7. An oversized cardigan that'd make any knitwear fan swoon.

    8. A sweet scented candle that'll remind them of baking.

    9. Or a ~luxe~ reed diffuser, if candles aren't their thing.

    10. A speedy decanter because if they do want to drink alcohol, it'll likely be some nice wine at home.

    11. And a wine glass holder that suctions to their bathroom wall, so their baths can be even better.

    12. Some of these flamingo slippers that'll definitely make them smile.

    13. A personalised blanket for when they want to relax on the sofa and watch TV.

    14. A Great British Bake Off recipe book which is the prefect crossover of their two interests; baking and baking shows.

    15. And a set measuring cups so they can nail those recipes.

    16. A super cute mug to enjoy all their hot drinks in.

    17. A pretty 2018 diary that they can jot down all their plans in.

    18. And a cute list pad for them to tick off their weekend chores.

    19. An impossibly cute tea-for-one set that includes a teapot and saucer.

    20. A little herb garden so that their gardening and cooking interests are both met.

    21. And finally, a simple and stunning houseplant, because you know they're sensible enough to treat it well.