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    29 Things To Treat Yourself To Right Now If You're Basically A Granny At Heart

    For anyone whose life is all about tea, baths, and books.

    1. This extra-long hot water bottle will keep you toasty and – I don't know if you've noticed – looks like a sausage dog.

    2. This mug features a classic willow pattern and a message that's honestly pretty true.

    3. This mindfulness puzzle book is a soothing, screen-free way to unwind. It has everything from sudoku to crosswords and word searches!

    4. And if you wan't nothing but sudoku, these books are a fun and aesthetically pleasing choice.

    5. Make your daily tea and biscuits feel like an ~occasion~ by getting this tub of buttery lemon shortbread that's handmade in Edinburgh.

    6. Or if you prefer your biscuits chocolatey, this bumper box of biscuit bars should last you a good while.

    7. This embroidery kit comes with everything you'll need to create three stunning designs.

    8. Take your baths to the next level of relaxation with this ergonomic pillow.

    9. Nab one of these fluffy dressing gowns for pottering about the house in on the weekend.

    10. These bath melts 1) look and smell like delicious chocolatey treats, and 2) will release nourishing oils and butters as they dissolve, leaving you with moisturised skin.

    11. This may look like a book, but it actually opens up to be an LED lamp that has 12 different coloured light options!

    12. The only thing better than a pair of slipper socks is a pair that look like cute lil' mice.

    13. As the nights get chillier, you'll be glad you bought these fleece flannel pyjamas.

    14. The teas in this Pukka gift set are all designed to help you relax, and it doesn't hurt that they also come in some seriously pretty packaging.

    15. Snuggle up on the sofa with this plush electric throw blanket that has ten heat settings, a digital timer, and a detachable remote so you can easily chuck it in the washing machine.

    16. Mary Berry's Simple Comforts cookbook is full of warming recipes you'll go to again and again – from a sausage and red pepper hotpot to a paneer and roasted vegetable curry.

    17. This star-patterned oil burner will add a cosy atmosphere to your space.

    18. And why not pair it with this wax melt bar that smells like chocolate chip cookies? Just break off a block or two and pop it in.

    19. This gorgeous leather-look notebook is a fancy and thoughtful gift from you, to you.

    20. I can bearly contain how cute I find this little planter.

    21. If your slippers have seen better days and need replacing, may I suggest these slipper boots that are lined with faux fur for extra cosiness?

    22. These Yorkshire teabags have a malty, sweet flavour that makes them taste like tea and biscuits.

    23. Make your bakes look fancier with minimal effort by using this patterned rolling pin.

    24. If you love coffee but don't like it disrupting your non-negotiable eight hours of sleep, this trio of deliciously-flavoured decaf coffees might be for you.

    25. The flexible LED reading light can be bent forwards at any angle, and also doubles up as a bookmark!

    26. Baking will be even more fun once these adorable panda oven gloves are in your life.

    27. Satisfy your love of crafting and homeware at the same time with this macramé kit! It has equipment and instructions to make either two wall hangings, two plant holders, or one each of both.

    28. Enjoy a cuppa or glass of wine in the bath with this nifty bamboo caddy.

    29. Gift yourself this beautifully-packaged Sanctuary Spa sleep set! It comes with a sleep mask, pillow mist, body balm, and more.