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    28 Gifts That Pretty Much Anybody Would Be Delighted To Receive

    Things that won't make them say "oh...did you keep the receipt?"

    1. You can get this giant, letterbox-friendly brownie slab personalised with a message of your choice (seriously, who wouldn't want that?).

    2. This 'director's chair' stand will hold their book, e-reader, or tablet for them! It also features extendable pegs that will keep their pages in place.

    3. These battery-operated Himalayan salt string lights will add a warm glow to their home.

    4. This 'big night in' kit is perfect for anyone who could do with some relaxation (i.e., most of us). It comes with a candle, a wooden puzzle, some thick socks, an eye mask, and a mug.

    5. This highly ameowsing mug has a useful wooden lid and comes with a stainless steel spoon too.

    6. Send someone a box of stunning flowers in 'natural' or 'colourful' tones depending on their preferences. They'll arrive in sleek, letterbox-friendly packaging!

    7. This cookie stamp comes with a variety of reusable and interchangeable letters and numbers – so they can personalise their biscuits however they see fit!

    8. Budding plant parents will love this copper plant house, and if the giftee doesn't have any yet you could get them some succulents to go along with this!

    9. The microwave-safe beads in this eye mask mean it can be heated up for a warming sensation. Alternatively, they can pop this in the freezer if they'd prefer some cooling relief!

    10. Yes, these pizza-print socks do come in pizza box packaging! They feature three different pizza patterns as well as the 'dough' which is a mushroom print.

    11. They can recreate the best bit of camping – making s'mores, obviously – with this genius (and delicious) kit! They'll get gourmet marshmallows, graham crackers, three different Hershey's chocolates, a non-toxic burner, and bamboo skewers.

    12. This gorgeous initial LED light will be the star of their room and comes in every letter of the alphabet!

    13. This ceramic, dry-erase memo elephant will be the perfect desk companion to remind them about that Zoom call they've got later in the day.

    14. This Hotel Chocolat Exuberantly Fruity Sleekster is a chocolate lover's dream. It contains 27 tasty treats in flavours ranging from citrusy to tropical to tart, including lemon cheesecake and apple strudel!

    15. This expensive-looking sterling silver ring can be customised to the constellation of their star sign.

    16. This box of personalised "open me when..." messages is a thoughtful way to tell the person you love exactly what they need to hear depending on their mood.

    17. There's a reason that The Boy, The Mole, The Fox and The Horse has a 4.9-star average rating from over 8,000 customers! It's an inspiring, uplifting, and beautifully illustrated read for any age.

    18. Their baths will be way more fun with these underwater disco lights that have five different display sequences.

    19. This (frankly massive) collection of retro sweets will take them right back to their primary school days.

    20. This stunning notebook will feature their birth flower as well as personalised text on the top and bottom – you can get it in plain, dotted, and lined options!

    21. These bath treats melt away in the tub, releasing their moisturising cocoa and shea butters as they do so. Each melt also contains essential oils for a truly ~relaxing~ experience!

    22. For a gift that they'll probably use every single day, you can't go far wrong with this handheld massager. It's perfect for easing aches and tension!

    23. Treat them to some seriously delicious cuppas with this rainbow gift set that includes redbush, peppermint, chamomile, and berry teas.

    24. If they're anything like me, they'll be both shocked and delighted that these 'biscuits' are actually cleverly-designed pieces of chocolate.

    25. They can make their cuppas into a ~high tea experience~ with this simply stunning teapot. It can hold 660ml, which is about two cups of tea.

    26. This apothecary candle comes in eleven equally amazing scents (such as black raspberry and vanilla as well as pink grapefruit and basil). You can also add a personalised message onto its label!

    27. They'll be able to make their very own cheese at home in an under an hour with this fun kit – all they'll need to add is some regular shop-bought milk!

    28. And finally, this smartphone projector will come in handy for their home movie nights.