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Apr 13, 2017

25 Fucking Infuriating Things That Happened On "Friends"

The whole Rachel and Joey relationship tbh.

We recently asked members of the BuzzFeed Community to tell us which moments from Friends really annoyed them. Here are some of their responses.

1. Joey proposing to Rachel and nobody clearing up the misunderstanding.


It's my favourite show, but the end of season 8 where Joey finds Ross' engagement ring and Joey turns around on one knee and Rachel thinks he's proposing. I don't know. The whole thing seemed super contrived and even when I was like 13, I was like "really...?" And then no one actually speaks the truth. They just go along with it instead of Joey being like "Yeah... I'm not proposing."

–Matt Dowell, Facebook

2. Monica immediately assuming Chandler liked shark porn.


"When Monica thought Chandler was masturbating to a shark documentary? Why the hell would that be your first thought?"

–Michael J Ritchie, Facebook

3. Ross getting annoyed about Ben playing with a doll.


"That episode when Ross was so mad his son played with a Barbie doll. It wasn't funny, it was petty and it makes me roll my eyes even now when I think of it. As if I didn't dislike him enough already."

– Iveta Marinopolska, Facebook

4. The gradual dumbing down of Joey, especially when he learns French.


"I just hate how they turned Joey into a complete moron. In earlier seasons he was actually really witty and even sometimes as sarcastic as Chandler. Just because a guy is good looking doesn't mean you have to dumb him down to the point where he speaks gibberish as French."

–Megalin Lauren, Facebook

5. Everyone being unable to just get ready for Ross' function.


"When no one is freaking GETTING READY! That whole episode pisses me the hell off! It's a really important event for Ross and they don't have much time to get ready and still Chandler and Joey are being immature and Monica is freaking out...the whole thing is just so frustrating."

–Jaslyn Clark, Facebook

6. The kids not featuring in the show much.


"How little we see Emma after she is born! She should be a huge part of the show but she is always with a grandparent or nanny. They could have done so much more with her! Same goes for Ben, he is barely ever around."


7. Monica having so much free time.


"How about the fact that Monica seemed to have so much free time when she's a head Chef at a fancy restaurant in NYC, or the fact that they all seemed to have so much free time."

–Laura Munn, Facebook

8. Rachel hiring Tag just because she fancied him.


"When Rachel hired Tag instead of Hilda, who had relevant qualifications and experience, just because he was cute. It's like, come on Rachel! You don't hire someone you want to date!"


9. Joey always getting mocked when he liked "girly" things.


"When no one would let Joey like "feminine" things, like the bag or wearing makeup, etc. Let him be!"


10. Ross' jealousy over Mark.


"He's so petty, and his jealousy over Mark drove me up the wall. Get over it! If Rachel wanted to be with Mark, she would be! And the fact he slept with that girl because heard Mark's voice on the phone and then gets so annoyed at Rachel for not forgiving him. Ergh!"


11. The "Fat Monica" scenes.


"Fat Monica in general, but particularly the dancing bits. They take the piss out of her for being fat then take the piss out of her for exercising too. Just horrible."


12. Janice getting an unfair time despite not being that bad.


"I really hated that Janice was shown to be a bad character even though she wasn't. She was loud, yes, but that was it. She was nice to literally each one of them. She didn't get a fair treatment."


13. Ross and his attitude towards Sandy the nanny.


"I think the most infuriating moment of the show, for me, is when Ross is really bothered by the fact that their nanny is male and won't stop bothering him saying he can't possibly be straight. Ross has said some pretty shitty stuff, but this just takes the fragile masculinity cake."


14. The scenes where a girl tries to dance on Ross' feet.


"Of all the fat-shaming which takes place in Friends this was really the worst. At the wedding, Ross lets some of the little girls dance on his shoes. One of the girls is bigger than the others and Ross acts like she is too heavy to stand on his shoes. So a grown man is fat-shaming a child and I guess it's hilarious?"

–Britta Waldbauer, Facebook

15. Monica pushing Chandler to spend all the money he'd saved on the wedding.


"Her lack of understanding & sensitivity to Chandler wanting to use that money for the future instead of a big party really irked me."


16. The fact everybody played along when Rachel messed up the trifle and she didn't notice anything amiss.


"When they all pretended to like Rachel's trifle and Rachel believed them when they went into the bathroom, on the balcony, etc. to eat it. Like Rachel isn't the brightest character but even she wouldn't have bought that. Also if they're all SO close they should've just been like "Yo, this tastes like ass. You accidentally messed up the recipe, no big though"."


17. Monica and Chandler ruining Emma's birthday video.


"Monica and Chandler's selfishness when their weekend break clashed with Emma's 1st birthday! They even ruined the video that was to be shown at her 18th."


Image reads: Monica – Emma's still asleep what are we gonna do? I've got a plan. I've got a plan/ I'm gonna jab this platter really hard into your ribs, you're gonna scream out and that'll wake her up.

Chandler– I'm not going to Vermont with this Monica.

18. The whole "she's not Rachem" thing.


"When Ross writes the pros and cons list about Rachel but Chandler makes a typo while writing it. Rachel gets a hold of it and doesn't understand that "not Rachem" really means "not Rachel" RACH C'MON ITS ONE LETTER YOU KNOW WHAT HE MEANT."


19. The homophobic and transphobic jokes about Chandler's dad.


20. Nobody seeming to care that Emma would be going to Paris with Rachel.


"When Rachel was moving to Paris and she was taking Emma. I couldn't understand how it was no big deal that she was taking Ross' child to live many miles away from him and no one seemed to mind. Ross even seemed more upset that Rachel was leaving...not just leaving with his daughter!"


21. Monica's secret closet which shows she's not as tidy as we all thought.


"The episode where you find out Monica has been shoving all the stuff into the cupboard and it is a big mess. Neatness was such a big part of her character until then."


22. The jabs at Ross' interests and career.


"Ross wasn't my favourite either, but it was annoying how his "friends" always shut him down whenever he mentioned his job or interests/hobbies that didn't include dating/shopping/sports, etc., and basically suggesting that it wasn't "cool" to be smart."

–Akila Raman, Facebook.

23. Chandler and Rachel meeting for the first time a lot.


"How Chandler meets Rachel when they both visit the Geller's for Thanksgiving as teens (AND when she and Monica visit Ross at college) but don't recognise each other in the bar when they're like 22. Or again when Rachel waltzes into Central Perk in the pilot."


24. Rachel and Joey's relationship.


"When Rachel & Joey tried to get together. It was gross and they had no chemistry. Made me cringe during those episodes!"


"The whole Joey and Rachel relationship was trash."


25. Of course, the whole "we were on a break" saga.


"Everything about the "we were on a break!" Like it was SO OVERPLAYED by the characters and fans. GET OVER IT EVERYONE."


"I just started re-watching the series again (and by again I mean for the millionth time), and all I can think the entire time is "WE WERE ON A BREAK!!!!" Honestly like pre-Ross and Rachel I was thinking maybe just don't get together so I don't have to hear that every five minutes. WE GET IT ROSS YOU WERE ON A BREAK!!!"


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