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25 Fucking Infuriating Things That Happened On "Friends"

The whole Rachel and Joey relationship tbh.

We recently asked members of the BuzzFeed Community to tell us which moments from Friends really annoyed them. Here are some of their responses.

1. Joey proposing to Rachel and nobody clearing up the misunderstanding.

2. Monica immediately assuming Chandler liked shark porn.

3. Ross getting annoyed about Ben playing with a doll.

4. The gradual dumbing down of Joey, especially when he learns French.

5. Everyone being unable to just get ready for Ross' function.

6. The kids not featuring in the show much.

7. Monica having so much free time.

8. Rachel hiring Tag just because she fancied him.

9. Joey always getting mocked when he liked "girly" things.

10. Ross' jealousy over Mark.

11. The "Fat Monica" scenes.

12. Janice getting an unfair time despite not being that bad.

13. Ross and his attitude towards Sandy the nanny.

14. The scenes where a girl tries to dance on Ross' feet.

15. Monica pushing Chandler to spend all the money he'd saved on the wedding.

16. The fact everybody played along when Rachel messed up the trifle and she didn't notice anything amiss.

17. Monica and Chandler ruining Emma's birthday video.

18. The whole "she's not Rachem" thing.

19. The homophobic and transphobic jokes about Chandler's dad.

20. Nobody seeming to care that Emma would be going to Paris with Rachel.

21. Monica's secret closet which shows she's not as tidy as we all thought.

22. The jabs at Ross' interests and career.

23. Chandler and Rachel meeting for the first time a lot.

24. Rachel and Joey's relationship.

25. Of course, the whole "we were on a break" saga.

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