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    18 Christmas Food Quirks That British People Don't Realise Are Weird

    You're not allowed to eat half the food in your kitchen because "it's for Christmas".

    1. Buying a tub of Celebrations and stealing all your favourites before anyone else can have them.

    2. And leaving your least favourites behind until someone takes pity on them.

    3. Not being able to eat food from your own kitchen for most of December, because it's all "for Christmas"

    December. The month where mums all over the world start hoarding copious amounts of food they never normally buy bu…

    4. Feeling elated to be able to eat pigs in blankets on Christmas Day, and then remembering that you could eat them year-round if you wanted to.

    5. Getting a chocolate advent calendar every year no matter how old you get.

    mum just belled me to ask if i wanted an advent calendar ... of course i want an advent calendar I’m 18 not the fucking grinch

    6. Smashing a Terry's Chocolate Orange as a way of ringing in the festive season.

    7. Drinking Buck's Fizz in the morning because Christmas it's the one day of year it's acceptable to have booze for breakfast.

    8. Having strong opinions about what constitutes a good roast dinner, and harshly judging other people's.

    Ever see a photo of someone else’s roast dinner and just think glad I’m not part of that family

    9. Having a special Christmas biscuit tin that it feels a little ceremonious to open.

    10. Receiving (or giving) this exact selection box at least one a year.

    11. Actively looking forward to getting a Christmas sandwich as part of your meal deal.

    12. Buying a Christmas pudding even if nobody likes it, because the fire element makes you feel fancy.

    13. Putting brandy butter on pretty much everything

    14. Buying packs of Christmas party food and eating them for lunch or dinner instead of for well, a Christmas party.

    15. Putting a satsuma in the bottom of a Christmas stocking.

    16. Scrounging for cold leftover roast potatoes on the morning after Christmas because they taste even better the next day.

    17. Piling all the Christmas dinner leftovers into a massive sandwich to eat on Boxing Day.

    18. And without fail, making a whole tray of Brussels sprouts for Christmas despite maybe one person liking them.

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    Why do we do this to ourselves?