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19 Food Pictures That Will Make You Feel Really Fucking Uncomfortable

You'll never be able to unsee these. H/t r/shittyfoodporn.

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1. This soup simmering away in a hollowed out watermelon.

2. This pie that's been cut barbarically.

3. This sandwich that is cringeworthy to look at.

4. This minty-fresh toast.

5. These unnerving peeled limes.

6. This spaghetti served in an unconventional way.

7. This potato that's growing mini-potatoes.

8. This serving of nachos.

9. And these baked beans served in a shoe.

10. This triple-banana mutation.

11. This aesthetically displeasing noodle broth.

12. This cake that's just layers of bologna.

13. These haunted custard rolls.

14. This frankly unnecessary pizza addition.

15. This "medium rare" chicken.

16. This deep-fried pickle-coated hot dog.

17. This macaroni...thing.

18. This very phallic bread dough.

19. And lastly, this pasta that just shouldn't be there.