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18 Satisfying Food Moments That Are Just Too Good For British People

Getting one of the good chocolates from a Celebrations tub.

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1. The butter on your crumpets melting properly instead of sitting on the top.

2. Getting battered cod that's nice and crispy on both sides.

Instead of all soggy.

3. Having a cup of tea that's the exact shade you like it.

6. Having a carton of Ribena straight out of the fridge.

7. Managing to have an even distribution of salt and vinegar on your chippy chips.

9. Having a scone that's still warm, so the cold jam and cream makes a nice contrast.

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10. Ordering a pie at a restaurant and finding it's an actual pie instead of a dish with a pastry lid.

13. Getting one of the good chocolates from a tub of Celebrations before they're all gone.

Someone else can have the Mars ones.


14. Going to a hotel and finding that they have an English breakfast buffet.

15. Getting a pasty from Greggs that's actually the perfect temperature.

17. Flipping your fish fingers so smoothly that the coating remains completely intact.

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