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    39 Of The Best Gifts To Give Your Foodie Friend This Christmas

    From tasty treats to cooking gadgets!

    1. They can use these luxe truffle oils as a marinade, seasoning, or dressing – but it's particularly delicious drizzled over pasta.

    2. This two-tiered bamboo steamer is perfect for making East Asian dishes at home like sticky rice and dim sum, but they can also use it on vegetables, meat, and fish.

    3. Treat them to something extra fancy with this selection of festive biscuits from Fortnum & Mason. The tin includes their chocolate-covered fruit and nut Merrilossus biscuits and their all-new pecan and ginger ones!

    4. If they love nothing more than a good bit of charcuterie, this slate cheese board will go down a treat! You can personalise with their name, which makes it even more thoughtful.

    5. For a gift that'll keep on giving, how about this three-month subscription to Pasta Evangelists? Every month they'll receive the pasta, sauces, and garnish needed to make two delicious pasta dishes. Example dishes include beef shin and Borolo wine ragu with mafalde, and carbonara with bucanti, pancetta, and Italian cheese.

    6. They can pop this portable pizza oven onto their BBQ to make delicious, fresh pizzas at home! It's suitable for gas and charcoal BBQs and can cook a pizza in as little as two to four minutes.

    7. Every home cook needs a good pestle and mortar, and this one has a 4.7-star average rating from over 1,000 reviews!

    8. They can make their very own chili sauces with this kit! It includes everything they'll need to make seven types of chili sauce that vary in their heat levels.

    9. If curry is their favourite dish, they'll love this spice collection that has 12 different spices for 12 different curries – whether they want to make a Rogan Josh or Thai green!

    10. This Christmas pudding preserve is a quirky gift that'll make their morning toast so much more festive.

    11. This knife sharpener will keep their most important kitchen tools performing at their best. It as a suction at the bottom to keep it in firmly in place during use, and it even works on serrated knives.

    12. Cook, Eat, Repeat by Nigella Lawson features some beautiful essays about food, and over 150 tasty recipes including wide noodles with lamb shank as well as crab mac and cheese!

    13. They can make over 20 types of artisan cheese from around the world with this comprehensive kit, including buratta, paneer, and labneh.

    14. Sign them up to this three-month food and drink book subscription to expand their cookbook collection! Every month they'll get a new book tailored to their own tastes, and for every subscription purchased the sellers will donate a book to Book Aid International.

    15. This highly-rated non-stick press takes all the hassle out of making homemade burgers. They simply fill the crater part with the fillings of their choice, seal it, and voila! Perfect patties that they can cook on the pan or grill.

    16. This Christmassy chocolate bar will go down a treat with anyone who loves festive flavours! It's spiced with cinnamon, nutmeg, and cloves, and when they'll bite into it they'll discover it's also filled with a soft caramelised biscuit.

    17. They can weigh all their ingredients in one bowl with this Morphy Richards scale – because we all know the worst bit about cooking is all the washing up afterwards.

    18. ~Sophisticated~ palates will enjoy this selection of terrines and pates.

    19. Macarons can be intimidating to make, but this kit will make it super simple for them! It comes with pre-measured ingredients for them to make 12 chocolate macarons with a buttercream filling. The only things they'll need are butter, milk, and cream.

    20. This Joseph Joseph microwave rice cooker will come in handy for weeknight dinners! They'll be able to measure, wash, cook, and serve rice with it, and the rice paddle it comes with even works as a way to fluff up their grains after cooking.

    21. You can gift them an actual live sourdough starter (yes, really), so they don't have to wait ages before baking with it! It's extremely potent and mature, and can be used with any type of flour.

    22. For the home cook who seems to have everything, you can't go wrong with a high-quality chef knife to add to their collection. This one has an ergonomically designed handle to make prolonged periods of chopping more comfortable, and reviewers say the blade is incredibly sharp.

    23. They can recreate their favourite Wagamama dishes at home with their bestselling Feed Your Soul cookbook! It has recipes for everything from gyoza to pad thai.

    24. Fans of Korean food will love this dolsot stone bowl (and have maybe been eyeing one up for a while). It can be used to make dishes like bimbimbap and kimchi-jigae!

    25. This brownie tin will make every single one of their brownies into a delicious crispy-edged corner piece.

    26. These festively-packaged bombes are filled with mini marshmallows and make for a seriously delicious hot chocolate when dropped into steaming milk.

    27. This Himalayan salt block seasons their food as it cooks! They can heat it up on the hob and, once it's suitably hot, place the meats or vegetables of choice on it.

    28. The vegan in your life will have an extra merry Christmas when these Lotus Biscoff brownies arrive at their door!

    29. This four-in-one chopping board has pull-out weighing scales, a measuring scale, and a slot for their phone on tablet so they can easily read recipes.

    30. This Himalayan rock salt and mini grater is a fun stocking filler for foodies!

    31. Satisfy their sweet tooth with this box of assorted baklava!

    32. These gorgeous chocolates that are designed to look like planets make for an incredibly bougie gifts.

    33. They're sure to get a lot of use out of this fondue set over the Christmas season – seriously, who doesn't want to dip bread into melted cheese?

    34. They can make sushi at home thanks to this nine-piece kit! It includes rice, seaweed, a bamboo roller, chopsticks, and more.

    35. They'll be able to make tasty fried chicken and chips with minimal mess and oil once this surprisingly affordable air fryer is in their lives.

    36. This Joseph Joseph rolling pin will take all the guesswork out of rolling dough – it has measurement markings across it and adjustable rings that can be tailored to get the thickness perfect.

    37. This little bottle of spicy sriracha sauce has a keychain, so they can take it on the go if they find their meals could always do with more of a kick.

    38. Matcha can be a pricey ingredient to bake with, so they'll probably be glad to find this jar of ceremonial-grade matcha powder in their stocking.