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17 Fast Food Restaurants That Are Really Living In 3018

They're lightyears ahead.

1. This clever cushioning to lean back on while waiting for your order.

2. This genius invention for those of us who never want to touch the bathroom handle in public restrooms.

3. This very inventive way of transporting food from the kitchen to the counter.

Just seen the coolest Maccas (that's McDonalds for you lot out of Australia) that I think that I've ever seen!

4. This complimentary mouthwash for when you don't want your breath to smell of burgers.

5. This little door handle so kids can open the door too.

6. These pairing suggestions for which sodas go best with the meals.

7. This dual-function flush that varies depending on whether your movements were liquid or erm...solid.

8. This "bail out" lane in a drive-thru, for people who have changed their minds.

9. This live feed that shows you who's taking your order.

10. These floor stickers that tell you how long you've got left to wait.

11. This kid's menu that's put level so small kids can comfortably see it.

12. This faucet that's a soap dispenser, tap, and hand dryer all in one.

13. This target to add a competitve edge to throwing your rubbish away at the drive-thru.

14. This super-smart way of avoiding waste.

15. This built-in dip holder that makes life a little easier.

16. These strawless lids that are a useful alternative to plastic straws.

17. And this rounding-up system that helps to eliminate pennies.

H/t @mildlyinteresting!