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23 Fashion Struggles That Are Way Too Real For Short Girls

Why are bra straps so damn long?

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1. Long dresses tend to be taller than you.

#shortgirlproblems when you can wear a long dress bc it's as tall as you are 😂


6. It's necessary to roll your pyjamas at the waist so you don't trip over the legs of them.

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11. The idea of a long winter coat that doesn't drown you in fabric is a myth.

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12. And the same goes for T-shirt dresses.

When u try on a tshirt dress in ur size and drown in it. #shortgirlproblems


14. So you have to get pretty good at hemming.

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15. Or just cuff them and act like you're doing it because you want to rather than because you have to.

18. So do any high-waisted jeans you buy.

My high waisted shorts almost touch my boobs. I don't think they can get any better.

19. The only shops worth bothering with are the ones with petite sections.

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22. Oversized clothes are on a whole new level when you put them on.

I know I'm kinda short, but this long t-shirts looks like a dress on me! It goes all the way down to my knees 😂😂

23. And sometimes the problem is being able to reach the clothes in the first place.

when I can't even reach something in the store..😩 #bestfriendgoals @HaleyBrooke_63 @BoyetteGrace