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    23 Fashion Struggles That Are Way Too Real For Short Girls

    Why are bra straps so damn long?

    1. Long dresses tend to be taller than you.

    #shortgirlproblems when you can wear a long dress bc it's as tall as you are 😂

    2. And long skirts are forever swishing about on the floor.

    3. Your sleeves basically cover your whole hand.

    4. Crop tops just fit like regular T-shirts.

    5. Leggings constantly bunch up and wrinkle at the ankles.

    6. It's necessary to roll your pyjamas at the waist so you don't trip over the legs of them.

    7. Ordering clothes online leads to so much disappointment.

    8. Because jeans ripped at the knee always look like they're ripped at the shins.

    9. Your knee-high socks end up being thigh-high socks.

    10. And cropped jeans are never cropped on you.

    11. The idea of a long winter coat that doesn't drown you in fabric is a myth.

    12. And the same goes for T-shirt dresses.

    When u try on a tshirt dress in ur size and drown in it. #shortgirlproblems

    13. Jeans never fall to your ankles like they're meant to.

    14. So you have to get pretty good at hemming.

    15. Or just cuff them and act like you're doing it because you want to rather than because you have to.

    16. The waist of dresses does not sit on your waist.

    17. The waistband of your tights always goes right up to under your boobs.

    18. So do any high-waisted jeans you buy.

    My high waisted shorts almost touch my boobs. I don't think they can get any better.

    19. The only shops worth bothering with are the ones with petite sections.

    20. Because otherwise you have to resort to the kids section.

    21. Bra straps are so obscenely long that you end up doing this all day.

    22. Oversized clothes are on a whole new level when you put them on.

    I know I'm kinda short, but this long t-shirts looks like a dress on me! It goes all the way down to my knees 😂😂

    23. And sometimes the problem is being able to reach the clothes in the first place.

    when I can't even reach something in the store..😩 #bestfriendgoals @HaleyBrooke_63 @BoyetteGrace