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    16 Expensive-Looking Homeware Products You Can Get For Under £30

    For everyone who lives a champagne lifestyle on a prosecco budget.

    1. This reversible millennial pink duvet cover and pillowcase set is chic and cheap.

    2. This geometric hanging planter is super elegant and would work in any room.

    3. This pretty and minimalistic table lamp is an easy way to add a lil' glam.

    4. These marble-patterned coasters are pretty and practical.

    5. Add a bit of a rustic vibe with these hanging shelves.

    6. Make chilling on the sofa a bit more luxurious with this faux fur throw.

    7. This black mirror is the fancy, "wouldn't look out of place at a high-end Paris hotel" kind, not the Netflix show about technology gone horribly wrong.

    8. This pair of understated handmade vases will probably motivate you to buy yourself flowers more often.

    9. This light shade is a low-cost, low-commitment way to give your room a new look.

    10. These velvet cushion covers are in the most gorgeous shade of green and will transform your sofa with minimal effort.

    11. Display your pictures proudly with this copper-plated photo frame that looks a little different from your standard ones.

    12. This large storage basket is probably the most stylish way to store your dirty laundry (or tbh anything that you just want to stow away).

    13. This mirror tray with a gold finish is definitely eye-catching enough to warrant some space on your dressing table.

    14. Okay, you can obviously already tell the time on your phone, but that just isn't as visually pleasing at this striking clock that's designed to tick silently instead of making annoying sounds.

    15. If you find your table is looking a little drab, consider this cotton and linen tablecloth with a cute bit of fringing around the edges.

    16. Hang up your coats and store your bags with this contemporary and and striking bamboo coat rack.