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    18 Euphoric Experiences For People Who Absolutely Love Autumn

    The best time of the year.

    1. Getting that first bit of cold weather at the end of summer that reminds you there's not long to go.

    2. Putting on a coat for the first time in months.

    3. Watching a TV show or movie that makes you feel all ~Autumnal~.

    4. Getting to utilise your jumper collection.

    5. Seeing all the wooly, checked clothes appearing in shops.

    6. And pumpkins popping up in supermarkets.

    7. Noticing all the bugs just...disappear.

    8. Seeing your first properly red/orange leaf.

    9. And getting a satisfying crunch when you stand on a pile of them.

    10. Going for a walk and taking in some of that crisp autumnal air.

    11. Shopping for new clothes, especially boots.

    12. Lighting a seasonal scented candle.

    13. Coming in from the cold and having a hot, hearty meal.

    14. Bringing these out of hibernation and practically living in them whenever you're at home.

    15. Taking a sip of your first decadent hot chocolate of the season.

    16. Or drinking the first pumpkin spiced latte of the year.

    17. Cosying up on the sofa with a warm fleece blanket.

    18. And looking outside at the rain most evenings and feeling pleased with your decision to stay in and watch Netflix.