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    16 Sweet Easter Treats You Can Get Delivered To Your Front Door

    Eggcellent gifts for your loved ones (or yourself).

    1. This Easter box of chocolates is an affordable luxury, filled with delicious truffles, pralines, creams, and caramels!

    2. These realistic looking eggs contain a caramel ganache inside their chocolate and sugar speckle-coated shell, and can we take a moment to talk about the cute packaging?

    3. This milk chocolate egg comes with some seriously tasty crunchy praline truffles.

    4. For people who prefer a more bitter chocolate, there's this dark chocolate egg that comes with two packets of almond nuttercups.

    5. You can get this Toblerone personalised with the giftee's name, perfect for those who aren't fussed about eggs.

    6. This Easter chocolate selection contains 30 little eggs, with familiar flavours such as vanilla alongside unusual (but tasty) choices like salted macadamia.

    7. This chocolate bar has a bit of a twist – it tastes of meringue and lemon!

    8. For a sophisticated palate, you can't go wrong with this salted caramel egg.

    9. Send this chocolate gift box to your favourite adventurous eater. The flavours include coconut and goji, mint, fig and wild orange, and sour cherry and vanilla.

    10. Feeling really fancy? This selection of alcohol-free truffles by Rococo has the sweetest packaging and contains white, milk, and dark chocolate treats the whole family can enjoy.

    11. These mini chocolate Easter bunny slabs are available in white, milk, and dark, and make an inexpensive treat for a loved one or yourself.

    12. Drop one of these Easter egg bombes into a mug of hot milk for a deliciously decadent hot chocolate that - and I can't stress this enough - contains mini marshmallows.

    13. This collection is the perfect gift – containing a selection box, a "fried egg" slab, a milk chocolate bunny and six mini chocolate rabbits filled with caramel for good measure.

    14. This pair of luxe Easter eggs are perfect for sharing. You'll get the Just Milk egg which contains pralines and truffles inside, and the Brownie Egg that literally tastes like a rich and fudgy brownie.

    15. Stir this spoon into some steaming-hot milk and it'll create a sweet hot chocolate drink – just try not to feel too guilty about melting the adorable chocolate bunny.

    16. And finally, these miniature dark chocolate eggs with a crispy coating make a great lil' snack.