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18 Painfully Relatable Dog Pictures That Will Make You Say "Me"

TFW you relate to a dog a little too much.

1. When you want to relax but you start thinking about all the things you're putting off doing.

2. When all your friends seem to have their shit together and you feel like the odd one out.

3. When you're trying to show self-restraint but it's not really working out for you.

4. When you fuck up at work and you just hope nobody will notice.

5. And when you fuck up but you're beyond caring about the consequences.

6. When you're around people who seem more adult than you, and you can't join in on their conversations about mortgages and children.

7. When you're around new people and there's no mutual friend present to make the situation less awkward.

8. When someone who hasn't spoken to you in ages hits you up with a "Hey stranger!" message.

9. When you want to tell your funny anecdote but there's no good time to jump into the conversation, and then the subject changes.

10. When you remember your responsibilities and are trying to hide from them.

11. When you've woken up after a night out and resign yourself to doing nothing all day.

12. When you're trying to have time to yourself but people keep making demands of you.

13. When you're made to go out and want to make a point that you're not having fun.

14. When you're having a nice time with someone but remember that one time they upset you but didn't apologise.

15. When your alarm goes off just as you were falling asleep and you think about all the stuff you'll have to do while knackered today.

16. When someone is talking utter shit and you don't know whether it's worth the hassle of calling them out on it.

17. When you go on a date and they seem nice enough at first but they're actually really forward.

18. And finally, when you have no idea what you're doing but you decide to stay positive until you figure it out.