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17 Pictures Of Dogs Just Doing Their Jobs

"Can this really not wait a moment, Peter? I need to finish this report by Wednesday."

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2. " you live near this bit of town or are you visiting a friend?"

Instagram: @pittie

3. "Are you looking for anything in particular? Who's the lucky lady?"

Instagram: @bullsgrlsavanah

4. "Listen, Karen, if you're late again, you're fired. FIRED, you hear me?"

Instagram: @tiffyleeson

6. "Well, I'm glad someone has bothered to show up to this meeting, I'll be sending a strongly worded email round to the others."

Instagram: @nalatheshibamo

7. "Please don't be worried – I just wanted a chat about how you feel your performance is going."

Instagram: @finley_19

8. "Ooh, Katie's sent me a Gchat. I wonder if it's about what happened at the office party."

Instagram: @nahceimaj

9. "Now, this isn't the first meeting we've had to have in the past month, is it?"

Instagram: @santevia

10. "Can this really not wait a moment, Peter? I need to finish this report by Wednesday."

Instagram: @tankxswag

11. "Please, take a seat! I have some exciting opportunities I wanted to discuss with you."

Instagram: @ace_the_brussels

12. "Why does Christine have to laugh so loudly? Some of us are trying to work."

Instagram: @steelpines

13. "Why, yes, I would like to come to after-work drinks."

Instagram: @lacey_shepherd

14. "I feel completely fucked. I'm never going to the pub on a Tuesday night again."

Instagram: @lilmimidog

15. "Just firing off an email to Julie from accounts, but I'll be heading out shortly."

Instagram: @zasca_dog

16. "I know you'll have heard it before, but honestly, when the computer freezes your best bet is turning it off and then on again."

Instagram: @lovelydays15

17. "Sorry, can you close the door? I'm in a Skype meeting with the office in New York."

Instagram: @yanivnovak


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