19 Dog Owners Who Are So Extra It'll Make You Smile

    The type of dog owner we should all aspire to be.

    1. This mum who made her dog's cone into something wonderful.

    2. And this one who wants her dog by her side always.

    3. This owner trying to make amends.

    4. This cousin who found an adorable way to include her dog in her pregnancy news.

    5. And this sister who knew her dog had to be included in the maternity photos.

    6. This guy who had the cutest photoshoot idea.

    7. This student who wanted their dog to live their best life.

    Smuggling my dog back to college.

    8. This mum who knows the importance of being prepared.

    9. This super proud puppy parent.

    10. And this proud dog grandparent.

    11. This dog owner who found the most perfect costume.

    12. And this one who truly went all out for their dog.

    13. This woman who created the perfect matching look.

    14. And this one who revolutionised dog walking.

    As seen on the Upper East Side: a lady driving her dog around in a radio-controlled BMW

    15. These parents who wanted their dog to have the best time.

    16. This dad who wanted to give his dog recognition.

    17. And this woman making sure her dog has a happy Easter.

    18. This mum who had her priorities in order.

    19. And finally, this aunt who went the extra mile.