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Updated on Aug 10, 2019. Posted on Jun 8, 2016

22 Dog Facts That Are Totally And Undeniably True

Your dog will always prefer your shoes to their toys.

1. There is no greater honour than a stranger's dog smiling at you.

2. And meeting a new dog is infinitely more exciting than meeting a new person.

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3. These are the softest things known to mankind.

4. Dogs will want to pee at the most inconvenient time possible.

5. No toy will ever be as satisfying to your dog as your shoes are.

6. And no dog bed will measure up to your bed.

7. Nothing will ever unsettle you like the eye contact your dog makes with you when it poos.

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8. Except for maybe this.

9. They will want you to simultaneously throw the ball but not take it from them.

10. And they will look at you like this when you have food, even if they've just been fed.

11. The sound of a water bowl being dragged around is the most ominous sound.

12. There is only one thing sure to get your dog's attention.

13. Whenever your dog is grumpy with you, you wonder if they know about all the other dogs you've petted.

14. Dogs' jowls will always be an endless source of amusement.

15. Big dogs don't realise how big they are.

16. Owning a dog means you eventually develop a preference for dog foods you like, despite having never eaten any yourself.

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17. You will inevitably care about your dog's birthday more than your own.

18. Seeing service dogs is always an emotional experience.

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They are contributing so much to the world.

19. This is a lecture all dog owners have given.

20. Dogs will always be the star of any photograph.

21. If your dog falls asleep on you, you simply can't move until they wake up.

22. But naps with your dog are hands-down the best naps.

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