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    Disney+ Is Finally Here And Offering A Seven-Day Free Trial – Here's Everything To Watch First

    It's finally here!

    So if you grew up on Disney (i.e., almost all of us), you'll probably be pretty excited about the fact you can rewatch all your favourite old shows and movies (plus a bunch of new ones) on Disney+ as of TODAY!

    To ~sweeten the deal~ even more, you can enjoy a seven-day free trial of the service before paying £5.99 a month.

    And if you do, you'll finally be able to understand the context behind all the Baby Yoda memes by watching The Mandalorian.

    Then there's Encore!, a reality TV show hosted by Kristen Bell where members of a high school musical come back as adults to perform it again.

    Speaking of high school musicals...there is a High School Musical TV SERIES.

    And of course, the Lady and the Tramp live action adaptation starring Justin Theroux and Tessa Thompson.

    Plus there's a ton of old-school movies and TV shows you've probably not seen in forever. Like Atlantis: The Lost Empire.

    Remember Halloweentown? I mean it's spring but time is a construct and you've not seen it in years.

    There's also the most iconic Disney sequel of all time The Lion King II: Simba's Pride.

    That's before we get onto all your favourite Disney Channel shows from your childhood too! You've got Kim Possible...

    ...That's So Raven...

    ...and Boy Meets World, amongst a ton of others. Seriously, there's a lot of stuff on Disney+ and more to come in the future.

    You can sign up for a free trial here, although tbh once you've gotten started you'll likely want to commit to £5.99 a month for unlimited amounts of Disney magic and nostalgia. Happy binge-watching!