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    11 Satisfying Desserts That'll Make You Say "Ooh", And 11 Downright Upsetting Ones That'll Make You Say "Why?"

    It's a real rollercoaster.

    1. This absolutely flawless rice cooker pancake:

    Reddit: Rajgljurw / Via

    2. And this one that didn't turn out quite as planned:

    Reddit: rottentoffel / Via

    3. These satisfyingly spherical ice cream scoops:

    Reddit: OrangeCaat / Via

    4. And this disappointingly hollow one:

    Reddit: Julipy / Via

    5. This glorious crepe cake that is a literal work of art:

    Reddit: omrimayo / Via

    6. And these crepes that are...really something:

    Reddit: Steelblood / Via

    7. This galette that is impossibly beautiful:

    8. And these croissants that met a terrible fate:

    Reddit: backwardsbloom / Via

    9. This cheesecake with a top so smooth it looks unreal:

    Reddit: bobwarsaw / Via

    10. And this cheesecake that unfortunately didn't set:

    Reddit: Sophatron1 / Via

    11. This iced cake that is sheer perfection:

    Reddit: fredbutt / Via

    12. And this otherwise-lovely cake that was ruined by being cut monstrously:

    Reddit: reginaldvontooshface / Via

    13. These perfectly even cupcakes:

    Reddit: mdmyers1992 / Via

    14. And these muffins that are a little less uniform:

    Reddit: rachaelivy / Via

    15. This rose cake decoration that is too stunning to eat:

    Reddit: beanchib / Via

    16. And these unfortunate iced cakes that aren't super appealing:

    Reddit: aforanyone / Via

    17. This glazed cake which is so shiny you could practically see your face in it:

    Reddit: kseniapenkina / Via

    18. And this cake which was tragically stripped of its glaze upon the lid being taken on:

    Reddit: Frobman101 / Via

    19. These cinnamon rolls that are just so neat:

    Imgur: Lightyear89 / Via

    20. And this half-eaten cinnamon roll which left the worst half:

    Reddit: vinceviloria

    21. This box of ice cream that's opened to reveal a smooth surface:

    Reddit: ArizonaWatermelon / Via

    22. And this box of ice cream that well, is the opposite:

    Reddit: garlocka / Via