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    22 Seriously Delicious Gifts To Send As A Surprise To Someone During Lockdown

    Treats so tasty, you might want to buy some for yourself too.

    1. These Toffolossus biscuits are like a delicious sticky toffee pudding in biscuit form! They contain sweet, plump dates and are coated in a layer of milk chocolate.

    2. I can't imagine anyone not being delighted to get this assortment of Lindt chocolates that contains milk, white, and dark varieties among others.

    3. They'll be spoilt for choice with this Lunar New Year selection box that contains buttery biscuits in flavours such as rose, pistachio, and clotted cream.

    4. If they're having a lockdown birthday, this chocolate pizza featuring a 'happy birthday' message is a seriously sweet gift.

    5. For those who have a sweet tooth but don't necessarily like chocolate, you can't go wrong with this box of baklava. Happy customers rave about how amazing these taste!

    6. For the friend or family member who likes their snacks to be savoury, this personalised pork pie is an inspired choice.

    7. This milk chocolate and salted honeycomb bar is perfect for anyone who has a sweet and savoury tooth.

    8. This set of fancy popcorns will see them through future movie nights! You can select the flavours to go into the hamper – options include strawberries and cream as well as maple syrup and roasted pecans among others.

    9. These moreish cocoa-dusted truffles come in some seriously pretty packaging and include three flavours – chocolate, hazelnut, and butterscotch.

    10. Your fanciest friend will probably be delighted to receive this selection of macarons through their letterbox!

    11. Your niece or nephew will love this kit that'll let them melt down and then make their very own chocolatey London landscape.

    12. You can choose a design to be put onto this box of chocolates and then add a personal message on the inside of the packaging!

    13. This assortment of tasty cookies are vegan-friendly and a perfect pairing for their afternoon cuppa. They'll get four packets in the flavours chocolate chip, orange chocolate chip, fruit shortbread, and salted caramel.

    14. This selection of jams and preserves will brighten up their standard morning toast. It's got the classics like strawberry and marmalade alongside some booze-infused ones.

    15. These smoked cheese straws will make an ideal afternoon snack for them.

    16. These made-to-order vegan cookies look so tasty, you might want to order a box for yourself too. The variety box includes chocolate chip, double chocolate, and 'everything but the kitchen sink' varieties!

    17. Give them a fun twist on a classic dessert with this carrot cake-flavoured white chocolate bar.

    18. Foodies will love this fancy trio of honeys that includes a creamed version I'm keen to try myself TBH.

    19. This potted Welsh rarebit will brighten up their lunchtimes – its mix of cheese, mustard, egg, Worcestershire sauce and ale is perfect melted over some toast.

    20. And this duo of stilton is a seriously fancy gift for the cheese-lover in your life. They'll get a traditional one alongside a truffle honey version!

    21. If you're already gifting them some cheese, why not pair it with this biscuit and chutney selection?

    22. And if you're in any doubt of what they'd like, get them an Uber Eats voucher so they can have a takeaway on you.