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18 Delicious Indian Foods That Aren't Curry

~Spice up your life~

1. Chilli paneer

Aarthi Satheesh / Via

Paneer is a curd cheese and super popular in Indian cuisine. This paneer recipe, coated in a jam-like chilli sauce is a filling and tasty option if you feel like going meat-free. Recipe here.

2. Masala fish

Aarthi Satheesh / Via

The great thing about this is that it can be done with pretty much any fish. The spicy, paste-like sauce uses the popular spices of garam masala and turmeric, and is absolutely delectable. Recipe here.

3. Biryani

4. Aloo paratha

Kanan Patel / Via

The most heavenly of all Indian flatbreads, it's baked on the tawa (a flat frying pan used in Asia) before being shallow fried, and it's stuffed with a spicy mashed potato filling. Aloo Paratha is a very popular breakfast dish, and unsurprisingly so. Recipe here.

5. Shami Kebab

Aarthi Satheesh / Via

Not dissimilar from burgers, these little patties are shallow-fried in ghee (a clarified butter) or oil and are usually made of mutton or lamb (or potatoes and paneer if you're vegetarian). They're eaten as a snack and are sometimes served with a side of raw onions.

6. Samosas

Flickr: stuart_spivack

These are deep-fried stuffed pastries made with maida flour and filled with mashed potatoes, peas, and sometimes mincemeat. They're often served with a dip such as raita (mint sauce) or chutney and they're incredibly moreish. Recipe here.

7. Keema

8. Dal makhani

9. Aloo tikki

10. Crispy paneer fingers

Aarthi Satheesh / Via

Another dish using the versatile ingredient of paneer, the cheese is coated in chilli powder, batter, and finally breadcrumbs to make this amazing appetiser. This is a kid-friendly option, and you can always pare back the spices accordingly. Recipe here.

11. Dosa

Flickr: git

This South Indian dish is a giant crispy pancake made from a rice-based batter and filled with a stuffing of your choice, such as paneer. It tastes every bit as wonderful as it sounds. Recipe here.

12. Pakoras

Flickr: sebadella

Pakoras contain potatoes or chicken, which are then coated in a gram-flour batter and shallow fried to make the perfect snack. They're also a big hit at Indian weddings and lovely with a cup of masala chai, an Indian spiced tea. Recipe here.

13. Tandoori chicken

14. Aloo gobi

15. Chole masala

16. Saag aloo

17. Papri chaat

18. And for dessert, gulab jamun 😍

Dassana and Amit / Via

This dessert is often eaten at weddings and other celebrations such as the festival of Diwali. Made using milk solids, these doughy spheres of goodness are then coated in a sugary syrup. Recipe here.