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    18 Cute AF Products That Are Perfect For People Obsessed With Stationery

    Make some room on your desk for these.

    1. These perfect pastel highlighters.

    2. These doughnut notes.

    3. And these sweet dessert erasers.

    4. This list pad for getting your shit together.

    5. And this to-do pad to put on your desk.

    6. These tortoise paperclips.

    7. These notebooks to help you manage your finances.

    8. These polar bear sticky memos.

    9. These illustrated monthly planner pads.

    10. And these origami notebooks.

    11. This collection of macaron washi tape.

    12. These punny AF gel pens.

    13. These understated floral sticky labels.

    14. This gorgeous ombre notebook.

    15. These strangely adorable poop sharpeners.

    16. This pencil case for busy people.

    17. This agenda to keep organised in the new year.

    18. And this wonderful little stationery kit.