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    18 Social Media Fuck-Ups So Cringeworthy You'll Want To Delete Your Accounts

    "The Instastory had uploaded with my jizz shooting everywhere."

    We recently asked members of the BuzzFeed Community to tell us about their most embarrassing social media fail. Here are some of their responses!

    1. This nightmare:

    "I don’t know if anyone remembers (a site where you would anonymously ask people questions), but I used to stalk my crush on it mercilessly. It was connected to Facebook, and one time I was stalking him and accidentally shared his profile to my Facebook page without realising. Took about half an hour for my friends to start messaging me asking why I’d done it."


    2. This complaint gone wrong:

    "I'm part of a uni course Facebook group chat and about a year ago we were in a lecture, and this group of people were being loud and annoying. Anyway i bitched about it to my mates on our group message, but sent the message to the course message group. Everyone part of it (like 300 students) all got a notification of my message saying something along the lines of 'yeah i think that girls name's Carly.' Safe to say she wasn't happy being talked about."


    3. This terrible tale that will make you double check what you upload:

    "When you accidentally post your boyfriend’s dick pic on Facebook. I was uploading a ton of pictures and my computer froze so I went to bed, thinking it got cancelled. Woke up to find out ALL my pics had uploaded. Yup, even those ones!!"


    4. This double plot twist:

    "My cousin and I were on a holiday and ended up meeting this guy that she really hit it off with. They spent all weekend hanging out and things were looking good. Being the protective older cousin I decided to do a good old fashioned Facebook search on this guy to see what I could find, turns out he was married AND had a child! The worst part is that when I was creeping his engagement announcement I accidentally shared it to my timeline! Talk about awkward."


    5. This not-so-anonymous message:

    "When I was in high school, a lot of my friends used and I wanted to join in on the fun. Since the site was anonymous, I felt gutsy and messaged a random guy that I had choir with, saying 'did you know you’re really cute?' To my horror, it turns out I had somehow unselected the anonymous feature so he knew it was me."


    6. This shower-sexting scenario:

    "I took pictures in the shower to send to my (now ex) boyfriend, accidentally hit the 'add to story' button, then my phone shut down because the humidity from the shower was too much for it."


    7. This comment that'll fill you with secondhand embarrassment:

    "One time I was going to a choir festival, and I saw a post about it with my friend and this random dude who were both going, so thinking it was my friend that I hadn’t seen in months, I commented “I’m so excited!! I can’t wait to see you!!” but it was not my friend’s post that I commented on. IT WAS THE DUDE THAT I HAD NEVER EVEN TALKED TO."


    8. This mortifying upload:

    "It wasn't me, but a friend I'd know since I was a kid accidentally uploaded about 10 pictures of his dick, all at different angles and measuring it to a deodorant can."

    – c4976b2754

    9. This slip-up that couldn't be deleted fast enough:

    10. This deeply regrettable Instagram picture:

    "Once I accidentally posted a nude on Instagram! I didn't know what to do, so i just deleted my account, with over 2000 followers!"


    11. This moment that sounds near impossible to recover from:

    "I was hanging out with my best friend who didn't have a Facebook at the time. We were talking shit on the mean girls from high school, and I let her use my phone to creep on their pages. She said she couldn't find them, and I just assumed that they didn't have accounts either. A couple of hours later my sister asked me what was up with my posts on Facebook. It turns out my friend wasn't searching for their pages, she was updating my status with their individual names. So I had a different post for every person she tried to search for. I died a little on the inside that day."


    12. This proof that social media was a minefield even pre-smartphone:

    "Back in the olden days, before smartphones were popular, we used to post statuses to Facebook through text messages. My phone at the time had a favourite number list, and my boyfriend at the time and Facebook were right next to each other. I was sending him some risqué photos one night, and someone texted me and asked why I’d posted my tits on Facebook. I had to run to the computer to log on and delete."


    13. This backfired bitching session:

    "I was stalking this girl me and my friend hate and I took a screenshot of a post and DM’d it to my friend, right? Wrong. I sent it to the girl, along with the caption: 'man that was pretty bitchy amiright? I'm starting to hate her more and more” and she then blocked me."


    14. This Facebook fear come to life:

    "My fiancé and I were talking about a girl we semi-knew in high school and how we thought she lived in the new town we moved to. I went on her Facebook to see and started to casual creep and accidentally tagged myself in an OLD picture of hers and did not realise until 3 days later. I have deactivated my account out of embarrassment."


    15. This petty revenge gone awry:

    "I had a messy friendship ‘break-up’ with a girl I had been friends with for years. She was always so obsessed with getting loads of likes on her social media, so me being the petty person I am decided to go through all of her photos and unlike them. It wasn’t until I got to the end of her profile pictures that I realised that I had stopped unliking them and actually liking them!"

    – hannahr4281991e9

    16. This tweet that didn't factor in how pictures look when cropped:

    17. This DM mix-up:

    "This didn’t happen to me but it's too good to not share. A friend of mine was talking to a guy that she followed on Instagram. One day he posted a picture of himself, so she DM'd that same picture to him with the heart-eyes emoji. But it turns out she actually DM'd the picture and emoji to another guy she previously talked to. The other guy immediately responded with 'what the fuck??'"


    18. And this story that sounds like possibly the worst thing ever:

    "I was having a little sexting session with someone on Instagram and opened the camera in the DM to send a video of me cumming. Turns out I wasn't in the DMs anymore, I had uploaded it to Instastory for everyone to see. I panicked, closed the app, reopened it , but the video was still uploading. I turned off my phone, checked Insta on my iPad, and the Instastory had uploaded with my jizz shooting everywhere. I deleted it right in that second (note it was around 2am so I was hoping most people are asleep anyway). A minute passes by, got the first message saying ‘I don't think you meant to share it with everyone.""

    – Dénes Nagy via Facebook

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