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17 Real AF Clothing Struggles Every Girl Has During Summer

Can every shop sell bikini tops by their cup size and end the confusion once and for all?

1. Most summer clothes requiring a strapless bra, which is the last thing anyone wants to be putting on in summer.


2. Trying to find shorts that fit your waist and legs at the same time.

literally all I was want are some jean shorts that fit my butt, legs, and waist all at once.... Is that too much to ask for? 🙄

3. All the clothes being made out of fabrics that make you sweatier than you already are.

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Stop sweating it and check out these natural deodorants from BuzzFeed reviews!

4. Taking off your playsuit to pee and basically being naked.

Loryn Brantz / BuzzFeed

5. Finding summer clothes you can also actually wear to work.

Jasmin Nahar / BuzzFeed

6. When denim shorts ride up and hurt your crotch.

someone invent denim shorts that are big thigh friendly and don't ride up to the point where it hurts your vajayjay, thanks

7. Going to buy summer clothes in summer and realising they've already got rid of most of them.

Twitter: @Gemmy0298

Finding a nice pair of shorts in August is hard, but finding a cardigan is surprisingly easy.

8. Trying to find a happy medium between these two lengths of shorts.

H&M / BuzzFeed

9. Trying to work out if your bikini top will fit, because hardly anywhere does them by cup size.

10. Getting blisters from your sandals.

11. Every sundress looking fine when you buy it, but then wearing it out later and discovering it’s see-through.


12. Wearing ripped jeans as a jeans/shorts compromise and ending up with weird tan lines.

I fell asleep in ripped jeans and woke up with the stupidest tan lines. Coooool. Lmao

13. Wanting to get a maxi dress so you don't need to shave your legs, but finding that nearly ALL of them having slits.


14. And finding that most of them seem require you to wear a thong, so then you have to peel off your sweaty thong when you go to pee.


15. Being kind of into ~interesting~ swimming costumes, but ending up with these tan lines.

Charlotte Gomez / BuzzFeed

16. Being completely pocketless all summer long because it's too hot for a jacket.

New Look / BuzzFeed / Twitter:ThandoMtshali / Via Twitter: @ThandoMtshali

17. And finally, thinking you've found a cute dress but it's actually a playsuit.

ASOS / BuzzFeed