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Chrissy Teigen Shut Parent Shamers The Hell Down By Defending Kristin Cavallari

She defended Kristin Cavallari after commenters criticised her parenting.

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When reality TV star and fashion designer Kristin Cavallari posted this picture to Instagram recently, people criticised her parenting and claimed her sons were too skinny.

But Chrissy Teigen, who became a mum to baby Luna in April, wasn't having any of this.

Chrissy herself was shamed after she went out for dinner shortly after giving birth. She shut down the shamers then too.

I went to dinner. People are pissed. Good morning!

After @enews tweeted out the story of what happened to Kristin, she had this to say:

@enews I will never know why parents criticize others so harshly, knowing they'd go insane if they were on the receiving end ALLTHETIME.

She called out the commenters who have been criticising Kristin.

And then gave Kristin some love.

In summary, go Chrissy Teigen 🙌.

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