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18 Celebs You Probably Didn't Realise Had Regular Jobs Before They Became Famous

Chris Hemsworth used to work at a pharmacy, cleaning breast pumps.

1. Jon Hamm was a drama teacher at a high school.

Pascal Le Segretain / Getty Images

One of his students was Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt star Ellie Kemper, who he taught when she was a freshman.

2. Danny DeVito was a hairdresser, and styled the hair of dead people.

Matthew Eisman / Getty Images

He took a job at his sister's beauty salon and sometimes people would request that, after they die, they wanted their hair styled by an employee there.

3. Jeremy Renner was a makeup artist.

Gareth Cattermole / Getty Images

He has said that as he only had to work a few hours a week, it allowed him to go off to auditions.

4. Julie Walters was a nurse.

Stuart C. Wilson / Getty Images

She signed up for training aged eighteen, and left the profession after a year-and-a-half.

5. Ken Jeong was a practicing doctor.

Dimitrios Kambouris / Getty Images

He still has a licence to practice in California, and says that people come to him with medical questions on every set he's on.

6. Oscar Issac used to work at a hospital, transporting dead bodies.

Kevin Winter / Getty Images

His father worked at the hospital, and Oscar's duties included taking people for their X-rays and transporting bodies to the morgue.

7. Demi Moore worked at a debt-collection agency.

Rochelle Brodin / Getty Images

She worked there aged sixteen after dropping out of high school.

8. Ray Romano used to be a bank teller.

Emma Mcintyre / Getty Images

It's where he met his wife Anna, who was also a teller.

9. Tiffany Haddish worked in customer service for Alaska Airlines.

Leon Bennett / Getty Images

After quitting the job, she started to hit the standup circuit.

10. Hugh Jackman was a gym teacher.

John Macdougall / AFP / Getty Images

He worked at a boarding school in Rutland, England back in 1987.

11. Harrison Ford was a carpenter.

Ian Gavan / Getty Images

He actually had a chance meeting with George Lucas while doing some carpentry work, and the rest is history!

12. Samuel L Jackson was a social worker.

Rich Polk / Getty Images

He spent two years in the profession before returning to college.

13. Alan Rickman ran a graphic design business.

Chris Jackson / Getty Images

The late Harry Potter and Love Actually star studied the subject at university and ran the business for several years.

14. Steve Buscemi was a firefighter, and after 9/11 he worked shifts at his old station to help look for survivors.

Dia Dipasupil / Getty Images

In the '80s he worked for the New York City Fire Department for four years.

15. Eva Longoria was an aerobics instructor.

Antony Jones / Getty Images

She has a degree in kinesiology, which is the study of body movement.

16. Chris Hemsworth worked at a pharmacy, where he would clean breast pumps.

Alberto E. Rodriguez / Getty Images

It was in response to being asked what his weirdest job was, and he added that he used to scrub them with a spray and a toothbrush.

17. Gina Rodriguez worked as a nanny, specialising in looking after twins.

Christopher Polk / Getty Images

She trained for three months to get her certification, after the nanny working for her sister told her she could "make a killing" doing it.

18. Chris Pratt was a manager at a coupon company.

Daniel Leal-olivas / AFP / Getty Images

He started off as a coupon salesman, but was so good at it he was given an office to run.

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