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14 Celebrities Who Didn't Wear Makeup To The VMAs And Aren't Alicia Keys

People were so busy criticising Alicia, they forgot to notice these people too!

So Alicia Keys didn't wear makeup at the VMAs this year and people criticised her...

... but it's weird that nobody paid attention to all these OTHER people not wearing makeup.

1. He could have at least put on a little eyeshadow, but hey, what do I know?

2. And honestly Nathan Sykes, would a few coats of mascara have gone amiss?

3. Nick Jonas won't look so happy when someone rightfully tells him to do a bit of powder contouring!

4. And someone needs to give Joe Jonas some lipstick and foundation STAT.

5. I mean, yeah, Michael Phelps is an Olympic champion, the most decorated Olympian of all time in fact, but he's also neglected to do even a little bit of winged eyeliner.

6. C'mon, doesn't Kal Penn know a little concealer never hurt anyone?

7. I'm so sick of Kanye West not wearing makeup, like he's taking the no-makeup look too far, y'know?

8. At least Future wore sunglasses to protect us from the horrid, unbelievable sight of unlined, unmascara-ed eyes.

9. Ansel Elgort's not even bothered to fill in those brows. I am aghast. AGHAST.

10. I simply can't take this. He needs to put some makeup on. BB cream, highlighter, anything.

11. Kevin Garrett and his "no makeup" thing going on here are fake and imaginary.

12. Doesn't DJ Khaled realise a bit of lipstick and curling his lashes would make him look a bit more put-together? Now there's a real key to success ammiright?

13. As for Chance the Rapper? He looks far too carefree for someone who's shown up to the VMAs with no makeup on. Shameful.

14. Please, someone take these men to Sephora and stop their no-makeup nonsense!