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    18 Cats Who Just Had A Really Long, Hard Day

    Cats need "me time" too.

    1. "Yes Netflix, I am still watching but I certainly won't continue to if you're going to be all judgemental."

    2. "You know what. Kirsty? I'm done with that guy's bullshit. I'm going to enjoy my evening, maybe even go on Tinder."

    3. "Someone from work ate my lunch. They took it from the fridge and ate it. I work with savages, Linda. Who does that, I mean really?"

    4. "I would much prefer to enjoy my pinot gris in peace."

    5. "Claudia just went on and on all day and it was... Ugh I don't even want to talk about it. Can you run me a bath?"

    6. "I fear I've had a touch too much to drink."

    7. "Whatever do you mean? I've hardly had a drop. Maybe you're drunk."

    8. "I just had the worst day, so be a little more generous with the wine."

    9. "I'm sorry I snapped earlier. I'm tired. I didn't mean to offend you; I just think that pairing chicken with this wine was a bit of a bold move."

    10. "I asked him to help me with the dishes, and he said he was 'tired'. He's tired? I'm tired. Sorry, I'm ranting. How are you?"

    11. "Listen, I would rather not talk about my day. I just need some me time you know?"

    12. "Well, screw Sarah for not inviting me to her birthday drinks. I'm having quite the night in anyway."

    13. "What a pleasingly oaky wine. Yes, I deserve this."

    14. "I'm not one to talk behind people's backs but Sharon was being typical Sharon today."

    15. "I needed that. I hardly ever treat myself and I just think to myself, 'Laura, if you're working this hard why aren't you indulging now and again?'"

    16. "I don't mean to be rude. It's just when you said dinner would be ready for 7pm, I assumed it would be ready for 7pm."

    17. "I shouldn't really tell you but frankly I'm a little bit fucked right now and Karen told me the most shocking thing..."

    18. "Of course I wouldn't usually bring out the chardonnay on a Friday night, but I think I deserve it after this week."