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18 Cats Who Just Had A Really Long, Hard Day

Cats need "me time" too.

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1. "Yes Netflix, I am still watching but I certainly won't continue to if you're going to be all judgemental."

Instagram: @winegeekjohn

2. "You know what. Kirsty? I'm done with that guy's bullshit. I'm going to enjoy my evening, maybe even go on Tinder."

Instagram: @missduf1987

3. "Someone from work ate my lunch. They took it from the fridge and ate it. I work with savages, Linda. Who does that, I mean really?"

Instagram: @chaseinthecrowd

4. "I would much prefer to enjoy my pinot gris in peace."

Instagram: @miss_pearls_blog

5. "Claudia just went on and on all day and it was... Ugh I don't even want to talk about it. Can you run me a bath?"

Instagram: @s

6. "I fear I've had a touch too much to drink."

Instagram: @pretty_girl_fiona

7. "Whatever do you mean? I've hardly had a drop. Maybe you're drunk."

Instagram: @siberian_simon

8. "I just had the worst day, so be a little more generous with the wine."

Instagram: @qqdreams

9. "I'm sorry I snapped earlier. I'm tired. I didn't mean to offend you; I just think that pairing chicken with this wine was a bit of a bold move."

Instagram: @elisalvazquez

10. "I asked him to help me with the dishes, and he said he was 'tired'. He's tired? I'm tired. Sorry, I'm ranting. How are you?"

Instagram: @purrpals

11. "Listen, I would rather not talk about my day. I just need some me time you know?"

Instagram: @kristajg_

12. "Well, screw Sarah for not inviting me to her birthday drinks. I'm having quite the night in anyway."

Instagram: @leshahdiran

13. "What a pleasingly oaky wine. Yes, I deserve this."

Instagram: @mr_tinkle

14. "I'm not one to talk behind people's backs but Sharon was being typical Sharon today."

Instagram: @kulinarykeri

15. "I needed that. I hardly ever treat myself and I just think to myself, 'Laura, if you're working this hard why aren't you indulging now and again?'"

Instagram: @whatsername3436

16. "I don't mean to be rude. It's just when you said dinner would be ready for 7pm, I assumed it would be ready for 7pm."

Instagram: @marktrain23

17. "I shouldn't really tell you but frankly I'm a little bit fucked right now and Karen told me the most shocking thing..."

Instagram: @chester

18. "Of course I wouldn't usually bring out the chardonnay on a Friday night, but I think I deserve it after this week."

Instagram: @glyndond