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Admit It, You Kind Of Had A Crush On These 21 Cartoon Guys When You Were Growing Up

Turns out you're not alone in finding the fox version of Robin Hood attractive.

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We asked members of the BuzzFeed Community to tell us which cartoon characters they used to secretly have a crush on. Here are some of their responses!

1. Dimitri from Anastasia.

20th Century Fox

"Now I'm an adult and there's a broadway musical and I can have a crush on a real-life Dimitri like a normal person (Derek Klena if anyone was wondering)."

– Carly Kirn via Facebook


15. Kovu from The Lion King II: Simba's Pride.


"For some reason I just had (let's be real, still have) the most MASSIVE crush on him. His gorgeous green eyes, his cocky smirk, his voice when he says 'lets start a pride....alllll our own.' Is he an animated talking lion? Yes. Do I care? No. Funny thing is, I recently found out that a lot of people actually find him hot too so I'm not as freaking weird as I thought!"



21. The Beast in Beauty and the Beast.


"Whenever I would watch Beauty and the Beast as a kid, I was always a little disappointed when he transformed back into a human. When I recently watched the live-action version, I felt that same feeling. Only then did I realise I've always been into the Beast. Explains why I'm exclusively attracted to tall, hairy men."


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