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    Admit It, You Kind Of Had A Crush On These 21 Cartoon Guys When You Were Growing Up

    Turns out you're not alone in finding the fox version of Robin Hood attractive.

    We asked members of the BuzzFeed Community to tell us which cartoon characters they used to secretly have a crush on. Here are some of their responses!

    1. Dimitri from Anastasia.

    20th Century Fox

    "Now I'm an adult and there's a broadway musical and I can have a crush on a real-life Dimitri like a normal person (Derek Klena if anyone was wondering)."

    – Carly Kirn via Facebook

    2. Gambit from the X-Men cartoons.

    Fox Kids

    "So cute and sweet! His accent and anytime he would say 'la petit'!"

    – elizabethp486c2e546

    3. Tuxedo Mask from Sailor Moon.

    Fox Kids

    "Tuxedo Mask was my awakening as a child and I realised what love was."

    – Hailey Kathryn via Facebook

    4. Moses from The Prince of Egypt.

    DreamWorks Pictures

    – Kristol Boston via Facebook

    5. Clopin from The Hunchback of Notre Dame.


    "That roughish look, and what a voice!"

    – Samantha Hoover via Facebook

    6. Robin Hood from Robin Hood.


    "Oh man...he has an accent, fights for the poor and is super brave! Totally handsome."

    – jilll4398854a6

    7. Danny from Danny Phantom.


    "I always thought Danny Phantom was hot growing up, especially in his phantom form. That white hair and green eyes though."

    – jessicab40d1261c4

    8. Prince Phillip from Sleeping Beauty.


    "A certified stud, and one of the few princes with an actual sense of humour."

    – lydiam4c816e1f0

    9. Robin from Teen Titans.

    Cartoon Network

    10. Max from A Goofy Movie.


    "I'm going to hate myself for admitting this, but I used to have a MASSIVE crush on Max Goof from a A Goofy Movie."

    – ryannw449ef5a1d

    11. Trent Lane from Daria.


    "He warmed my cold, goth heart."

    – melissam458146328

    12. Jim Hawkins from Treasure Planet.

    Buena Vista Pictures

    "5000% Jim from Treasure Planet. He had such a bad boy vibe. No shame."

    – kvinreallife

    13. Bugs Bunny from Looney Tunes.

    Warner Brothers

    "Tall, lean, and has a great sense of humour...I mean, what's not to like?"

    – toeachhisown

    14. Aladdin's dad from Aladdin and the King of Thieves.


    "First and last cartoon daddy I ever loved."

    – mylast

    15. Kovu from The Lion King II: Simba's Pride.


    "For some reason I just had (let's be real, still have) the most MASSIVE crush on him. His gorgeous green eyes, his cocky smirk, his voice when he says 'lets start a pride....alllll our own.' Is he an animated talking lion? Yes. Do I care? No. Funny thing is, I recently found out that a lot of people actually find him hot too so I'm not as freaking weird as I thought!"

    – brittneeg3

    16. Fred from Scooby-Doo.


    "Fred from the Scooby-Doo cartoons sexually awakened me."

    – stefanieh4833751d1

    17. Prince Cornelius from Thumbelina.

    Warner Brothers

    "Who knew that fairies could be so hot!?"

    – Fbate

    18. Kocoum from Pocahontas.


    19. Trunks from Dragon Ball Z.

    Fuji TV

    "Smart, handsome, kind, but also strong and somehow the only Z Fighter who knew how and when to get shit done."

    – cameryng

    20. Milo from Atlantis: The Lost Empire.

    Buena Vista Pictures

    – Haileytielves

    21. The Beast in Beauty and the Beast.


    "Whenever I would watch Beauty and the Beast as a kid, I was always a little disappointed when he transformed back into a human. When I recently watched the live-action version, I felt that same feeling. Only then did I realise I've always been into the Beast. Explains why I'm exclusively attracted to tall, hairy men."

    – alid456f0dcb7

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