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18 Calligraphy Pictures That Are So Beautiful You'll Want To Cry A Little Bit

It's a damn art form.

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1. Okay I'm sorry but how is this even possible?

2. I mean seriously.

3. Like, the fact this isn't just a font is inexplicable.

4. This is just absolutely flawless.

Instagram: @alei_marie

5. Those loops though.

6. Tbh this person could very well be talking about their calligraphy.

Instagram: @inkgraphy

7. This is probably one of the most aesthetically pleasing pages someone could wish to see.

8. Everyone's name should be written this beautifully.

9. Look at these fancy-ass letters.

10. Who knew a picture of the alphabet could be so damn satisfying?

11. This just evokes so many ~feelings~.

12. I could look at this all day long tbh.

Instagram: @pixeldiva

13. It looks just as astonishing when done in red.

Instagram: @monwinzz

14. Or even better, rainbow.

15. All of me loves all of you too, calligraphy 💕.

16. This is probably the nicest shopping list ever.

17. And watching the process of it being written is just too damn good. I can't.

18. Seriously, I'm out.