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    21 Things That Happened If You Were Really Shit At P.E

    *fakes a sprained ankle*

    1. You frequently tried to fake being ill to get out of it.

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    Not so sick that you couldn't go into school, mind you, but you were definitely too sick to be running around aimlessly for an hour.

    2. And handing over those fake sick notes to your teacher always made for an incredibly tense experience.

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    3. You probably "accidentally" forgot your PE kit at home once, in a naive attempt to avoid it.


    4. But realised that you would have to sift through the "spare kit" box, which consisted of old trainers and shirts left behind in the changing rooms over the years.

    5. You also tried the "I'm on my period" excuse as often as you could manage.


    "Yes, I'm still on, it's been two weeks in a row. Peculiar isn't it, the human body?"

    6. You didn't understand half of the rules of any of the sports you had to play, because frankly they made no damn sense.


    7. And the occasional diagram you'd be shown did nothing to help.

    Wikipedia: User_A1 / / Via

    It's just lines. Meaningless, meaningless lines.

    8. This meant your teammates would get annoyed at you for not knowing how to be a wing defence or whatever.


    What wing am I defending? How do I defend it?

    9. You'd tactically fake an injury halfway through, because "spraining your ankle" five minutes in would be too obvious.

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    10. When it was raining, you'd hope with all your might that you'd get out of doing sports.


    11. Although you'd often end up outside in the cold anyway.


    12. But you equally hated the sweaty hell that was PE during the warmer months.

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    13. You knew the worst lessons were the ones that involved pointlessly jogging around the track for what felt like forever.


    14. Your hatred of PE extended to Sports Day, and you never took any of the races especially seriously.

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    15. And your reluctance to get involved meant you mostly won stickers for "trying your best".


    16. You would wait for your teacher to be distracted so you could have just one moment of respite.

    17. You never understood the point of the apparatus in the gym.

    Do I I just climb over this? Is that what you want me to do?

    18. Or the thing of properly "finishing" a jump.

    Nicolò Riccardi / / Via

    My feet were on the floor. I have finished. But you want me to dramatically swing my arms up because you think this is the bloody Olympics.

    19. Or what the purpose was of climbing a rope.

    Wyco / Getty Images

    20. And you hated the chore of putting back all the PE equipment that you never wanted to use anyway.

    Bubbers13 / Getty Images

    21. In fact, you're certain the only good thing to ever come out of PE was this parachute game.

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