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    56 Bullet Journal Ideas & Layouts That Will Soothe Your Soul

    I'll be using these...

    If you don’t know what bullet journaling is, I’m here to tell you it's literally the coolest trend to ever exist. Bullet journal users log their personal goals, daily activities, and intimate thoughts in a beautifully organized way.

    Here's a non-exhaustive list of people who might be into bullet journaling, courtesy of Rachel Miller:

    - People who have a million little to-do lists floating around

    - People who like pen and paper to-do lists

    - People who are into goal-setting and habit tracking

    - People who like stationery, journaling, scrapbooking, beautiful pens, etc.

    - People who really love planners

    - People who want to really love planners, or who want to be more organized

    - People who would really like to keep a journal/diary but are having trouble sticking with the habit

    To get you started, here are a few bujo layouts, tips, ideas, and inspo moments from BuzzFeed writers and the BuzzFeed Community to soothe your soul.

    1. Start small and work from there:

    2. Do something as simple as this one:

    3. Or this:

    4. Or even this:

    5. If you're not sure what to use it for, try using your bullet journal for everything initially:

    6. Use it as a place to express your creativity:

    7. Like this:

    9. This one too:

    10. Collect details about yourself:

    11. Do a little reflective analysis:

    12. If you're a color-coder, pick one scheme per month:

    13. Get creative with your color palettes:

    14. Use it for planning trips:

    15. And packing:

    16. Create a convenient all-in-one checklist:

    17. Or a daily schedule:

    18. Keep a list of your favorite inspirational quotes to refer back to:

    19. Look back on your memories:

    20. Use it for general notes:

    21. Theme your weekly spreads to keep it interesting:

    22. Consider using stencils if you aren't confident with your design skills:

    23. Use it as a habit tracker:

    24. Again, sometimes clean is OK:

    25. Turn your reading and movie wish lists into actionable to-dos:

    26. Plan your ideal day:

    27. Do what works for you, regardless of whether it's Instagram-worthy:

    28. Use it for long-term or short-term planning:

    29. Make a nice daily spread:

    30. Set some goals:

    31. Set some longer-term goals:

    32. Remember that it doesn't matter if you're not especially artistic:

    33. Record details about a trip that you don't want to forget:

    34. Use your bujo to coordinate outfits and see what's not working in your wardrobe:

    35. Don't feel like you have to use it when you don't need to:

    36. Plan in advance (it's helpful):

    37. Use it for gratitudes:

    38. Take your time filling it up:

    39. Use these tutorials to up your lettering game:

    40. Have a second notebook to try ideas in:

    41. Expensive journals definitely aren't necessary:

    42. If something doesn't work, ditch it:

    43. If you're a perfectionist, try erasable pens:

    44. Don't be afraid to experiment before you commit:

    45. Have all of your thoughts in one place:

    46. Track your favorites:

    47. And make them true to you:

    48. Get cute with it:

    49. Use it to store protected information:

    50. Or recipes — yum:

    51. On your year-at-a-glance page, mark notable events, like vacation days or birthdays, with different colors and shapes:

    52. Try breaking up your days into time periods — morning, afternoon, evening — to make actually completing the task much more manageable:

    53. If you want to focus on tracking just one goal, you can set up a page for the whole year:

    54. Track a recurring, non-daily goal:

    55. Keep track of things you're saving for with a financial spread:

    56. Most importantly — make it yours.

    This post includes content from Kayla Yandoli, Rachel Wilkerson Miller, Natalie Brown, Alice Mongkongllite, Jasmin Nahar, Delaney Strunk, and Nicole Nguyen. It was compiled by Laura Frustaci.