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    21 Things All Brutally Honest BFFs Will Understand

    You'll always tell them when they need to get their shit together.

    1. You'll both always speak your mind when one of you is about to make a dubious decision.

    2. You go to each other for advice when you really need to hear an unbiased opinion.

    3. And you're both the designated mediators of any arguments between your other friends.

    4. You two never bother with excuses when you cancel plans.

    5. You've learnt how to take honesty as well as dish it out to each other.

    6. You can trust each other when you need an opinion on an outfit.

    7. You're very upfront with how you feel about whoever each other is dating.

    8. And you're not afraid to intervene if you think your BFF's time is being wasted .

    If your best friend can't give you brutally honest advice, like @orl4ith, then she ain't your best friend.

    9. But you know better than to say "I told you so" if things go wrong.

    10. You're always there when the other one needs a wake-up call to sort themselves out.

    11. You're sincere with your compliments, because being honest doesn't necessarily equal being mean.

    12. You're pretty great at comforting each other because you both know how to be honest and realistic about it.

    13. You'll stand up for each other and call out other people if they upset one of you.

    14. You know where the line is with each other and when it's best to say nothing.

    15. Although sometimes your facial expressions give everything away.

    16. Your arguments don't last long, because you're upfront and clear the air pretty quickly.

    17. And your honesty with each other means it's hard for any tension to ever build up in the first place.

    18. You don't ever try to be passive aggressive, because you both don't really know how to do it.

    19. You love that around each other you can be your true, unabashed, brutally honest selves.

    20. You might be blunt with each other but you would never say negative things behind each others' backs.

    21. And you both know that your mutual bluntness comes from a place of love.