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    27 Books For Everyone On Your Christmas List This Year

    Books really are the best kind of gift.

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    The people who always read the award-winners and have probably started their own book club.

    1. A Place For Us – Fatima Farheen Mirza

    Hogarth / Amazon

    A heartrending story chronicling the past and present of an Indian Muslim family living in America. The eldest sister Hadia is getting married, and her brother Amar is attending despite being away for three years. Will he stay for good this time. And can the family reconcile after so much has happened between all of them?

    Get it here from Amazon, £9.13

    2. The Leavers – Lisa Ko

    Dialogue Books / Amazon

    Polly Guo is an undocumented Chinese immigrant, and one day she goes to her job at a nail salon and never comes back. Her son Deming is adopted ,moved to a different state, and even given a new name – Daniel. This book will break your heart then slowly put it back together.

    Get it here from Amazon, £5.47.

    3. In Our Mad and Furious City – Guy Gunaratne

    Tinder Press / Amazon

    On an estate in London, three young men were expecting a summer like any else. But after an unarmed police officer is shot, riots break out in the city. This book is full of tension, with a palpable sense of the character's isolation, but it's also – importantly – a story about friendship.

    Get it here from Amazon, £9.35.

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    Navigating adult life can be tough, but these books prove we're all going through it together.

    4. How Do You Like Me Now? – Holly Bourne

    Hodder & Stoughton / Amazon

    In her twenties, Tori Bailey found fame after writing a self-help book. But now in her thirties, with her friends getting married and having kids, she's starting to feel left behind. Stuck in a toxic relationship, and with no ideas for her next endeavour, it's time for Tori to forge a new path for herself.

    Get it here from Amazon, £9.35.

    5. Everything I Know About Love – Dolly Alderton

    Fig Tree / Amazon

    Journalist Dolly Alderton has been there and done that when it comes to figuring stuff out. In this memoir she recounts heartbreak, bad dates, drunken nights, but also the important power of close friends and knowing that a relationship most definitely doesn't equal happiness.

    Get it here from Amazon, £9.35.

    6. Not Working – Lisa Owens

    Picador / Amazon

    Claire is in her twenties and has no idea what she wants to do with her life. So she decides to quit her job in communications and take the time to figure it all out. This book is light-hearted, sometimes raw, and does an excellent job of dealing with the taboo of being unemployed.

    Get it here from Amazon, £5.47.

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    They make sure to watch The Holiday every year and can recite the script of 13 Going on 30 word for word.

    7. One Day in December – Josie Silver

    Penguin / Amazon

    On a bus journey through London, Laurie spots a handsome stranger through the window. There's an instant connection but they don't meet, and Laurie spends months pining after him. Having pretty much given up hope, he appears. But now he's being introduced as her best friend's Sarah's new boyfriend. The next decade has plenty in store for them all, and there's a lot of heartbreak along the way.

    Get it here from Amazon, £4.99.

    8. The Wedding Date – Jasmine Guillory

    Headline Eternal / Amazon

    After a chance meeting in an elevator, Alexa agrees to be the plus-one for Drew, who is attending his ex's wedding. Their unlikely encounter sparks something more though, and once they have to return to their ordinary lives, they can't help but keep thinking about each other...

    Get it here from Amazon, £7.99.

    9. The Last Romeo – Justin Meyers

    Piatkus / Amazon

    Get ready to laugh out loud as you read about the dating adventures of James, who anonymously blogs his encounters under the pseudonym Romeo. However, after going unexpectedly viral, he starts to realise that it's sometimes not best to share everything.

    Get it here from Amazon, £3.89.

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    You know the food is always going to be good when you go to theirs for dinner, and for some reason they own around three different types of salt.

    10. Ottolenghi SIMPLE – Yotam Ottolenghi

    Ebury Press / Amazon

    Yotam Ottolenghi isn't known for doing simple, but this book is just that while still retaining the magic of his other recipe books. With markers denoting different types of simplicity (10 ingredients or less, 30 minutes or less to cook etc), this will up your cooking game and in turn, make your weeknight dinners way more interesting.

    Get it here from Amazon, £14.57.

    11. Salt, Fat, Acid, Heat: Mastering the Elements of Good Cooking – Samin Nosrat

    Canongate Books / Amazon

    Chef and food writer Samin Nosrat believes there's four key components to cooking – salt, fat, acid, and heat. By focusing on these, she has mastered (and also taught) how to cook delicious meals instinctively. This book will give you not only everything you need to know on how to get to grips with these elements, it has tons of recipes you'll find yourself using all the time.

    Get it here from Amazon, £18.84.

    12. Eat Up! – Ruby Tandoh

    Serpent's Tail / Amazon

    In this celebration of all things delicious, Ruby debunks the bad science surrounding food, talks about iconic food moments in cinema, and explores how food is tied up into so many aspects of lives – from prison food, to poverty and food, to culture and how it ties into the dishes we make. A rallying cry against fad dieting, this book is all about falling in love with food.

    Get it here from Amazon, £9.99.

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    Some people are so generous with others, but could use a reminder than it's okay to practise self love and self care!

    13. 101 Tiny Changes to Brighten Your Day – Ailbhe Malone

    Icon Books / Amazon

    Putting yourself first sometimes can be hard, but that's where this handy book of self care tips come in. Small changes can make a big difference, and whether you need some help making your phone work for you, or want a quick thing you can do to feel a little better, this is the perfect pocket-sized guide to help you.

    Disclaimer: Ailbhe Malone is the campaign editor at BuzzFeed UK.

    Get it here from Amazon, £9.18.

    14. What a Time to be Alone – Chidera Eggerue

    Quadrille Publishing Ltd / Amazon

    Prepare to be feel empowered by this book that shows that you are more than enough as you are. With words of wisdom on how to celebrate yourself and how to get out of those toxic friendships, this is a must-read for anyone who needs to practice some self-love.

    Get it here from Amazon, £10.39.

    15. Ice Cream for Breakfast: How rediscovering your inner child can make you calmer, happier, and solve your bullsh*t adult problems – Laura Jane Williams

    Hodder Paperbacks / Amazon

    This is the book for anyone who has felt bogged down by adult life (i.e. all of us). Ice Cream for Breakfast celebrates the fact that being fun and silly isn't something you have to shelve once you reach a certain age, and how channelling your inner child can actually make life a lot simpler.

    Get it here from Amazon, £9.18.

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    When things are getting stressful, these funny-as-hell books will lighten things up and brighten their day.

    16. This is Going to Hurt: Secret Diaries of a Junior Doctor – Adam Kay

    Picador / Amazon

    Before becoming a comedian and TV writer, Adam Kay worked for many years as a junior doctor. This is an account of those years, and while parts of it will certainly break your heart, there's plenty of moments that will make you laugh out loud. You'll end up knowing way more about the ins and outs of hospital life than you bargained for.

    Get it here from Amazon, £3.75.

    17. Less – Andrew Greer

    Abacus / Amazon

    When an invitation arrives for his ex-boyfriend's wedding, novelist Arthur Less decides to run away and accept all the invitations he gets to literary events around the world. His globe-trotting journey often takes hilarious turns, but at its heart this is also a very sweet book about love.

    Get it here from Amazon, £6.17.

    18. Heartburn – Nora Ephron

    Virago / Amazon

    Yes this book has been out for a while, three decades in fact, but how can anyone resist this beautiful 30th anniversary edition? It charts the life or food writer Rachel in the immediate aftermath of finding out her husband has cheated on her and fallen in love – all while she's seven months pregnant! In the face of adversity, Rachel deals with things with plenty of laughs, and a big serving of revenge.

    Get it here from Amazon, £6.94.

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    These short but impactful books can easily be finished in a day, but they'll stay with the recipient for long afterwards.

    19. Convenience Store Woman – Sayaka Murata

    Portobello Books Ltd / Amazon

    Keiko has worked at the same supermarket for eighteen years. At 36 years old, and with no previous relationships, her loved ones are concerned about her not fitting in. But could Keiko really give up the job she loves so much? And does it even matter what anyone else thinks anyway?

    Get it here from Amazon, £8.

    20. The Refugees – Viet Thanh Nguyen

    Corsair / Amazon

    The Refugees tells the stories of people leaving their homeland for something new. From dealing with culture shocks to the feeling of missed opportunities, the characters' stories all touch on different experiences and emotions that can happen when you immigrate.

    Get it here from Amazon, £8.46.

    21. Heads of the Colored People – Nafissa Thompson-Spires

    Chatto & Windus / Amazon

    This daring debut collection of short stories chronicle the lives of different black Americans. With razor-sharp wit and keen observations, these deftly-written stories are sure to capture your attention.

    Get it here from Amazon, £9.99.

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    These YA books are perfect for any adolescent relatives, but you'll probably want to buy them for yourself too.

    22. Leah on the Offbeat – Becky Albertalli

    Penguin / Amazon

    If they've read Love, Simon, they'll love this book focusing on Leah's character. Struggling to open up to her friends about her sexuality, and with unexpected feelings brewing for one of them, Leah has a lot to deal with in this remarkable and charming book.

    Get it here from Amazon, £5.52.

    23. Monday's Not Coming – Tiffany D Jackson

    HarperCollins / Amazon

    One day Monday Charles disappears, but nobody seems to notice except her best friend Claudia. With everyone, even Monday's own family, being cagey about what's going on, Claudia is going to have to do some investigating to work out exactly what's happened to her friend.

    Get it here from Amazon, £9.99.

    24. American Panda – Gloria Chao

    Simon Pulse / Amazon

    Mei's life seems written out for her – she'll become a doctor, marry someone Taiwanese her family approves of, and then have kids. But between her crush on a Japanese classmate, and the reality that she doesn't even like what she's studying, Mei has to figure out how to be her true self.

    Get it here from Amazon, £7.99.

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    Books for amazing women, by amazing women. These books are inspiring, heartfelt, honest, and often funny.

    25. We're Going to Need More Wine: Stories That Are Funny, Complicated, and True – Gabrielle Union

    Dey Street Books / Amazon

    Gabrielle's collection of essays are often deeply personal, and always incredibly moving. She discusses subjects such and race and fame with such insight, and the honesty laid bare on each page will make you feel inspired. Get ready to run through the full gamut of human emotions – from joy and laughter to sadness – while reading this.

    Get it here from Amazon, £14.28.

    26. Becoming – Michelle Obama

    Viking / Amazon

    You can now read about the life of an iconic First Lady from her perspective. Michelle's book is full of warmth, wit, and wisdom, and charts the ups and downs of her life as you're taken through the key events that made her the powerhouse she is today.

    Get it here from Amazon, £12.50.

    27. This Will Only Hurt a Little – Busy Phillips

    Sphere / Amazon

    Presented as a selection of essays on defining moments in her life, Busy's candid storytelling makes it feel as if you're talking to a best friend. She's unafraid to talk about Hollywood sexism, body shaming, and her own personal struggles. A refreshing read that will make you love her even more.

    Get it here from Amazon, £11.48.

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